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Temple of the Stars - Nightspirit

Temple of the Stars
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 30 May 2019, 6:16 AM

TEMPLE OF THE STARS is the new band of Tobias Tåg who is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Korsholm, located at the west coast of Finland. This music is sonically nocturnal and melodic, with a lot of folk elements presented within an atmospheric rock context. It´s a mix of Folk, Rock, Prog, and Metal that´s going to appeal to a wide audience. The songs are catchy but they also have a sense of mystique. The underlying themes of the songs deal with mythological forest dwellers and ancient wisdom and the organic flute gives this project an extra edge, atmosphere, and authenticity. This album, “Nightspirit,” was written and recorded by Tobias Tåg and Co-Produced and Managed by Mathias Lillmåns (frontman of FINNTROLL and MAGENTA HARVEST). The lyrics on the record were written by Thomas Finholm and the bass tracks was laid out by Nicklas Norrgrann. The album was mixed by André Alvinzi and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studio in Örebro, Sweden.

“Nightspirit” opens with some Folky elements. The main riff is smooth and mellow. The vocals are melancholy and the entirety of the song is solemn and yearning. “Fields of Time” also opens with light Folky elements and more of Tobias’s smooth vocal leanings. On the Metal fence, it sits a bit closer to Rock for me, which is fine. It has that quality where it can lift you and carry you away on a breeze to a faraway land. “In the Forest Sky” also opens with some light recorder and guitar notes. So far, the songs have a familiar cadence and although I enjoyed them, they were a bit repetitive and hard to tell apart from one another.

“Mist of Morning” is the first track not to open with flute/recorder. Gentle guitar notes combine with soft vocals to create a solemn but ambient atmosphere. There are some Metal moments here but I am not picking up on many Progressive elements. I do however like its simple melodies. “Chains of Fate” opens with a jovial melody of keys and the smooth vocals of Tobias Tåg. It has a very pretty sound overall…and draws you in with its subtle melodies. It builds along the way also, with additional elements coming into the fold. “Cycles” is a shorter piece that focuses on atmosphere. You feel like you are still half-awake…are you dreaming or is this purgatory real? “Ages” is a bit longer, opening with vocals and guitars from the start. The cadence is a little different here and I am picking up on some Progressive elements, though they are subtle. It just brings a little variation to the table, with some clear emotional peaks as well.

“Lands of Old” closes the album, and it’s the albums longest song, at close to seven minutes in length. Those ambient elements really shine here. This song breathes with ethereal elements to go along with its somber, reminiscent sound. Overall, this album was very easy on the ears…the perfect companion to a cool, breezy day where laying in your hammock without a care in the world. I would call it Folk Rock more than anything, but labels be damned. It had that perfect balance between melody and melancholy, and would indeed appeal to a wide audience. It sure appealed to this hardened Metalhead, who has always found appreciation for substance over heaviness for heaviness sake.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nightspirit
2. Fields of Time
3. In the Forest Sky
4. Mist of Morning
5. Chains of Fate
6. Cycles
7. Ages
8. Lands of Old
Tobias Tåg - Everything
Record Label: Inverse Records


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