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Temple Of Your Soul - For All

Temple Of Your Soul
For All
by Vagelis “Vagelan” Tiflopoulos at 19 March 2012, 7:10 PM

TEMPLE OF YOUR SOUL is a Heavy Rock band from Germany founded in 2006. In March 2007 they played their first gig which won at a band contest in Cologne. Then there have been some changes in the line - up that lead to the present formation. After some gigs and a lot of songwriting the band started the recording for a Demo CD. In March 2011 the band found their new singer Caroline Drechsel, so their first full length album “For All” became a reality.

It was in 1982 when a new heavy Metal band in Germany, WARLOCK, brought something new in Metal music.Dorothee Pesch, known as Doro, screamed in the microphone better that any man could do so and the start had become…The first Heavy Metal band with female vocals was born and a new Heavy Metal genre, the female fronted Metal, came at the front line. Doro was singing “All we are all we are, we are We are all, all we need” and the crowd drooled of sheer pleasure for this 80s sex symbol.

Come back in 2012 TEMPLE OF YOUR SOUL with their first album “For All” they try to play Heavy Rock / Metal but I think it is only an attempt…The album started with a no sense track-intro (16 sec). The band tried to take us to 80s but I think that was a complete failure. “Warface” continued this 80s trip, a trip with a storm and a lot of problems…The guitars were nice, the voice was very bad for me and the production very cheap. The Keyboards were wrong and out of place at times. “Change Sites” started with much better keyboards and a sense of Jon Oliva but when the refrain came, all fucked it up, awful voice especially the second “spacey” vocals. I have no words for the homonym with the album song “For All”. I think that was the worst of the album and when the mirror of an album cannot fulfill the expectations of a listener we have problem. “Evening Takes Over” was a very boring ballad. That was the time when the band tried to make a BEATLES cover “Eleanor Rigby” sorry John Lennon for that… “Find the Answer”, “Raising Hell”, “Vendetta” continued this boring music trip and finally as the album started it finished with a 21 sec Outro.

In conclusion I think that Doro had not the TEMPLE OF YOUR SOUL in her mind when she made a female fronted band. The right is that “For All” is not an album that I will hear for a second time but Dirk Wichterich, Juergen Speck, Marcus Kniep made a good job on guitars, bass and drums in same order. So with better vocals, keyboards and production the result would be better…TEMPLE OF YOUR SOUL showed on tour with JON OLIVA’S PAIN that this is just the beginning…So keep trying guystrust Jon’s demonic mind…

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Warfare
3. Change Sites
4. For All
5. Evening Takes Over
6. Eleanor Rigby
7. Find the Answer
8. Raising Hell
9. Vendetta
10. Outro
Caroline Drechsel - Vocals
Dirk Wichterich – Guitar
Olly Dolp - Keyboards
Marcus Kniep - Drums
Juergen Speck - Bass
Record Label: Metalville Records


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