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Temporary Insanity - Final Walk

Temporary Insanity
Final Walk
by Daniel ‘Dan Disorder’ Spizzirri at 24 September 2017, 10:16 PM

Originating from Boston USA, TEMPORARY INSANITY is an outright Thrash Metal band that proudly displays all the bare knuckled street cred from the original generation; this would evolve to what could be described as the “modern metal” sound. This band first came to be in 1986 and then called it a day in 1992; in 2005 there was an impromptu “reunion” show, and then later in 2015, the band was approached by Divebomb Records about releasing an album worth of tracks from their extensive back catalogue. The members willingly accepted and have served up the sum of their musical ferocity in the form of the 2017 release “Final Walk”.

I must confess that I have a special place in my heart for Thrash, as it was the first extreme sound that I discovered all those years ago, and this most certainly did not disappoint me. I think TEMPORARY INSANITY is a more than appropriate band name, as this representation of songs has a crazy rage for its full duration. “Final Walk” is a shining example of riff delivery on a machine gun scale, accompanied by extremely capable drums and bass. The obvious speed and heaviness that propelled Thrash to a world-wide phenomenon is quite ever present, but it is garnished excellent pace changes, off time beats, and these great little moments were the bass leads or rips out a quick low note solo; then the drums chuck in a well-timed fill from the toms and a crisp cymbal splash.

The vocals are very solid as well; a deep chesty voice brass knuckles its way through the tracks and puts the exclamation mark on the authority of its sound. The production does vary a little from track to track in particular on the vocals, sometimes the voice does not quite have the command it should; in particular on the higher pitch moments and sometimes the tracks sound a little too similar. However there are some glorious moments in Thrash that are captured here, but I would have to say my favourites are “DSH”, “Arrogant Fuck”, “Abortive Condition” and “Necrotech”.

By all accounts its looking like this may be the very last release from TEMPORARY INSANITY, if that is the case and this is their farewell to arms, so to speak; they have most certainly done themselves justice. While not the most original Thrash album I have heard, it is a very good album; this band is worthy edition to the army of its sub-genre and are master craftsmen of their style. A salute to you gentlemen; well done indeed.

Song Writing: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. DSH
2. Arrogant Fuck
3. Final Walk
4. Commuters
5. My Bush
6. Toxic Spawn
7. Vicious Circle
8. Abortive Condition
9. Telephone Rot
10. Zoof
11. Safety Mosh
12. Spuds
13. Carcinogen
14. Legalized Murder
15. Necrotech
16. Selfish But Justified
17. Toxic Spawn (1990)
18. Zoof (1990)
Michael Lucantonio - Guitars
Randy Odierno - Drums
Steve Cloutman - Bass
Glen Rice - Vox
Jeff Kody - Guitars
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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