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Temtris - Enter The Asylum

Enter The Asylum
by Aaron Price at 26 October 2016, 3:23 PM

Today, we get to talk about the new album “Enter the Asylum” by TEMTRIS. This is a Heavy Metal band out of Australia releasing their fourth album. While Australia has some very undeserving, highly popular bands without naming any, it’s time we talk about whether or not TEMTRIS get their due.

The album opens with a brief instrumental intro before breaking right into “Enter the Asylum”. The main riff is quite intriguing then the vocals start up, this band will turn a lot of people off just simply due to the fact that it is female fronted Heavy Metal band. Every once in a while through the song the vocals are echoed by harsh vocals in the background, which gives the song a little bit of life because for the most part, until the end at least, the vocals are a bit lifeless and bland. Just past the half way mark the song gets heavy before you get a few guitar solos from the two guitarists, Anthony Hoffman and Anthony Fox.

The other side of the spectrum from Temtris is “Lament” which is a slower song that involves piano and a backing string section to help it sound sadder. Vocalist Genevieve Rodda’s vocals match the ballad style of Heavy Metal a lot better than the power style, her vocals almost sound pained, as they should, through a lot of this song. These two songs essentially build up what the album is, that’s the two ends of the spectrum for the band. The rest of the songs don’t exactly stand out any more than these, which isn’t overall a bad thing, this is a female fronted Heavy Metal band that sticks to form, they don’t exactly take any chances which means while it’s good, and it’s nothing exactly new.

That’s my two cents on the new TEMTRIS album “Enter the Asylum” it’s Female Fronted Heavy Metal that follows a strict formula. While not being anything new, it’s not bad, just after a few listens it starts to get a little dull.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 4
Memorability: 1
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. R.A.M. (Random Access Memory)
2. Enter the Asylum
3. Mind Games
4. The Summoning
5. Break the Skin
6. Darkness Falling
7. Too Deep
8. Empty Room
9. Night Stalker
10. Seasons of Decay
11. Lament
12. Phoenix
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Hoffman – Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitars
Adam Wotherspoon – Bass
Wayne Campbell - Drums
Record Label: Battlegods Productions


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