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Temtris - Khaos Divine

Khaos Divine
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 11 May 2023, 6:00 AM

Australian lands always show a potential for breed relevant and excellent Metal acts. Maybe the distance is a problem for the bands to play tours to promote their works, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not worthy of being heard and enjoyed. There are many excellent bands releasing very good releases there, as the case of TEMTRIS, a quintet that’s coming with “Khaos Divine”, their seventh album. They use a formula that always brings good results when used in the right way: a mix between Heavy Metal with melodic influences inherited from Hard Rock of the 70’s (what boost the hooks, especially on the choruses) with the elaborated outfit of Power Metal (what means a technical work above what traditional Heavy Metal brings, but in the case of this quintet, without losing its weight), and a mastodonic weighty charge natural for modern Heavy Metal acts.

So it’s not a sin to say that the band’s music is full of personality and appeal, with a massive energy flowing from the album, but always in a refreshed and weighty way. Yes, it’s truly very good for the ears. Anthony Fox (the band’s guitarist) produced and made the sound engineering (as the recording of the guitars as well, and the layout, design and artwork are signed by him as well), with Adam Jordan working on the recording of the vocals and drums, and Nadi on the recording the piano parts, leaving the mixing and mastering for Lord Tim. All to guarantee a high level experience for the listener, because weighty, aggressiveness and clarity are in a balance near perfection.

Musically, “Khaos Divine” can be said as a great release, with everything working in a coherent way for the best of the band (and of the hearers, of course). So to have a very good experience on the first time, pay close attention to moments as “Khaos Divine” (a brutal and melodic song, with an abrasive modern weight on its instrumental parts, allowing the vocals to show its ample range of tunes in a great way), “Eternal Death Machine” (a dynamical set of rhythms can be heard, with unexpected changes in some moments, showing that the playing of bass guitar and drums are in excellent way), “Dreams or Reality” (a heavier song with many melodic hooks, with many Speed/Power Metal hooks appearing, and what lovely guitar riffs and solos), “The Path” (an introspective and catchy song with some melancholic touches, but always with hooking melodies and arrangements), “Revenge” (with updated Hard Rock melodies being distilled by the guitars, and what very good vocals and chorus), and “Evolution of Hate”. This set is just for the first time, besides a full hearing is demanded for a full sensation of what this album is offering to you.

At last, some praise must be given to TEMTRIS for its musicians efforts, and for sure that “Khaos Divine” is able to conquer more fans. It’s a matter of listening, and liking it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Grand Design
2. Khaos Divine
3. Eternal Death Machine
4. Dreams or Reality
5. The Lies Become the Truth
6. The Path
7. Revenge
8. Evolution of Hate
9. Ground Zero
Genevieve Rodda - Vocals
Anthony Fox - Guitars
Nadi Norouzian - Guitars, Piano
Vane Danov - Bass
Nicholas Bolin - Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Productions


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