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Temtris - Shallow Grave Award winner

Shallow Grave
by Matt Coe at 08 July 2014, 8:58 AM

One of the veterans of the Australian Heavy Metal scene, TEMTRIS started in 1999 and have released two previous full length albums prior to this latest effort. What I enjoy most about the description of this quintet on their Facebook page is the fact that even though they have a female vocalist, they stress that their style SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE EVANESCENCE. After a few passes through my ears I agree Genevieve Rodda comes from more of a Ronnie James Dio meets Leather Leone balls out approach – so do not fear, you will not be subjugated to a gothic siren injecting themselves once again into a Metal band.

Onto the third album “Shallow Grave” – an 8 song outing that blends together Traditional, Power, Thrash, and Extreme Metal aspects to create a dynamic sound that is eclectic and exciting as well. Llew adds in the dark, growling parts vocally to make songs such as “Captured” and the title cut a touch heavier, even when musically the arrangement may be more Epic / Power in nature. The band guitar-wise often employ a heavier, almost modern NEVERMORE meets Swedish Melodic Death tone to a lot of their harmonies, giving a lift to anthems such as “The Entity” and “Darkness Lies”. Expect a lot of double bass, lead work that isn’t all off to the races, and Genevieve’s melodies soaring over all the known Metal octaves- reaching some killer highs that mortal males and females can never ascend to.

Given my first exposure to this group, TEMTRIS appear to have appeal to those who want a touch of the modern tones and extreme elements within a comfortable Traditional/ Power Metal framework – and I would say they work hard to establish their own sound. Another strong band from a potent Australian metal scene, “Shallow Grave” showcases a self-assured group of musicians who know where they want to go stylistically, and can gain a healthy following as a result.

4 Star Rating

1. Captured
2. Slave to the System
3. Shallow Grave
4. The Entity
5. Silent Tears
6. Forever Haunted
7. Darkness Lies
8. Your Time Has Come
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Roberts – Guitars
Llew Smith – Guitars, Vocals
Adam Wotherspoon – Bass
Ben Hart – Drums
Record Label: Battlegod Productions


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