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Ten - Albion

by Katarzyna Zakolska at 27 October 2014, 5:49 PM

TEN is a Hard Rock band from Manchester in United Kingdom. This British melodic rock band was formed in 1995 by vocalist/songwriter Gary Hughes and guitarist Vinny Burns. “Albion is the eleventh studio album of TEN and will be released on 21st November 2014.

My favorite track on this album is “Alone in the Dark Tonight” where melodic Hard Rockin riffs are so wonderful with an epic climate in the chorus with anthem of choir of the band mixing vocalists.  The track is very memorable with changing rates, perfect guitar solo, and a brilliant guitar solo! “Albion Born” is a masterpiece which begins with an oriental choir a ‘Capella in GREGORIAN style, and then Oriental melodies with Folkish echoes, very memorable anthem chorus!

An incredible choir is also in “Battlefield” where gentle singing is together with heavier riffs and even AOR choir is in the catchy chorus. Also worth to mention is the beautiful guitar solo. In “Wild Horses” the atmosphere builds step by step with piano and then higher climate. There’s a little similarity to ASIA style and very nice choir in refrain with keys solo in AERYON style. Single “Die for Me” has WHITESNAKE guitars and a perfect rhythmic section with groovy sounds.

Beautiful ballad climate is in “Sometimes Live Takes the Long Way Home” with gentle piano and calmer singing is in another ballad “Gioco d'Amoure”, where  vocalist sings in a deep voice with piano and that makes such a climatic style of song and what is also beautiful – higher opera singing at the least of track and what a gorgeous solo!

Worth to listen are also: “It Ends This Day” where magnificent keys, stronger guitars mixing progressive echoes in DREAM THEATHER style and melodic wonderful refrain singing in choir and where guitars sounds like a balsam, powerful “A Smuggler's Tale” with rocking riffs in SCORPIONS style, with heavier sounds and everything else is perfectly worked' also guitar solo which makes a goose-flesh, and “It's Alive” where keys are in modern style with memorable choir, progressive rate and great rhythmic section.

TEN connects Hard Rock with Heavier sounds, modern sounds, and Progressive elements in their work. In my opinion it is a very enjoyable album in listening. Production is on a high level. Hear able is maturity, experience, and perfectness of the band. The more I listened to this album, the more I liked it. Melody pours out from this CD. Elements are excellently played together. Everything is perfectly worked. 10 killer songs from this album will be surely amazing gift for lovers of Hard Rock, fans of Hard Rock from the 80’s and fans of WHITESNAKE or ASIA.

Highly recommend!

5 Star Rating

1. Alone in the Dark Tonight
2. Battlefield
3. It's Alive
4. Albion Born
5. Sometimes Live Takes the Long Way Home
6. A Smuggler's Tale
7. It Ends This Day
8. Die for Me
9. Gioco d'Amoure
10. Wild Horses
Gary Hughes – Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Dann Rosingana – Guitars
Steve Grocott – Guitars
John Halliwell – Guitars
Steve Mckenna – Bass Guitars
Darrel Treece-Birch – Keyboards
Max Yates – Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Rocktopia Records


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