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Ten Foot Wizard – Get Out Of Your Mind Award winner

Ten Foot Wizard
Get Out Of Your Mind
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 20 July 2020, 11:35 PM

TEN FOOT WIZARD are a Bear Grove metal band from Manchester, England who came together in September 2009 and have produced 3 awesome albums in that time. We have the new release “Get Out Of Your Mind,” on 10th July 2020. The new album “Get Out Of Your Mind” contains 8 new tracks to sink your teeth into. For fans new and old of TEN FOOT WIZARD this will come as as treat to the ears. The band have a Hard Rock/Blues Rock kinda sound to them with some nice heavy riffs thrown in for good measure.

The band have put together an excellent album in “Get Out Of Your Mind” with some crazy lyrics & some head banging tunes. The album opens with a song called “Namaste Dickhead” which starts with some deep riffs on the strings. A song that features quite a lot of bass & has a catchy chorus to bop along to. I’m enjoying their sound, it’s easy on the ears & the vocals vary from sing to scream easily.

Onto song number 3 “Noble Lie” which opens with a cool line about having a sadistic mind which suits me fine with my dark sense of humour. The song has a catchy rhythm to it & a rather Bluesy feel to it as well. The song has a great quality to it that could apply to so many people in life that you could play it to them & put them right in their place lol. The beats of the drums come through with the guitars & vocals in perfect harmony.

Song number 5 is the title track of the album, “Get Out Of Your Mind.” It opens with a slowish bit of bass & drums & then the vocal accompaniment joins to make the sound complete. It’s a song that gets your head bopping & would be a great set to hear live in a small venue with a chilled atmosphere like a closed set. It is a song that catches up on the pace & tempo to bring quite heavy sounds in it.

Closing the album is a song with a cracking title, “King Shit Of Fuck Mountain,” a song that plays us out in incredible fashion. The lyrics are on point, the music carries you off to a distant land of chilled Hard Rock & sweet sounds. It’s a great song to play the album out on. For me, my favourite song on the new album “Get Out Of Your Mind” has to be song number 6 “How Low Can You Go.” It’s a song that opens up with a fast tempo on the guitars & drums which play us into the song. The growling vocals stand out to me & it has bite! Definitely the highlight of the album for me.

Overall the new album “Get Out Of Your Mind” is a great listen, its full of great riffs awesome lyrics & sweet beats. If you haven’t heard of TEN FOOT WIZARD I recommend you check them out. The album is a great listen, easy to get stuck into & easier to put the album on repeat play! Not a single complaint from me. I’ll defo be checking out the bands other materials.

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 9
Memorability 9
Production 9

4 Star Rating

1. Namaste Dickhead
2. Broken Man
3. Noble Lie
4. Summer Love
5. Get Out Of Your Mind
6. How Low Can You Go
7. Working Towards A Better Future
8. King Shit Of Fuck Mountain
Adam - Guitar
Gary - Vocals/Guitar
Jonny - Drums
Emlyn - Bass
Record Label: Beard Of Zeus


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