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Ten - Heresy And Creed Award winner

Heresy And Creed
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 10 January 2013, 5:27 PM

The long standing TEN originated from Manchester, United Kingdom. This British melodic Rock band was formed in 1995 by vocalist / songwriter Gary Hughes and guitarist Vinny Burns. “Heresy And Creed” is the band's tenth studio album of TEN released right in the end of 2012.

My favorite track on this album has been “The Lights Go Down” right from the start. Piano entry and guitar solo add flavour to this track from the get go, Hughes's vocals are excellent and the guitar sound is divine. Just sit tight and feel the spirit of 80s Hard Rock. The highly memorable chorus reminded me songs of JADED HEART. A strong & fast entry, similar to old JUDAS PRIEST invasions, turned out on “Gunrunning” (The band alos shot a video of this one). Then there is peak moment of the guitar solo that made me dazed and confused. It is a climatic song with rate that will make your heart pulsating, strong guitars mixed with melody singing and perfectly playing instruments. Furthermore there are nice keyboards playing by Darrel Treece-Birch,the drums have great a sound and the chorus is very melodic.

“Game Of Hearts”, another favourite example,displays stout guitars with hard biting drums. The Keyboard work within this one was the strongest in comparison to other tracks. Also there is that clear melodic singing chorus, fast paced drum / bass along with a slashing guitar solo and of course the vicious Metal sound hitting the ears. All made this song really masterpiece. “The Priestess” begins with a fine rocking intro with country mixed blues guitars following to a melodic chorus singing the Blues. “Another Rainy Day” seemed quite cheery, making this one a bit lighter than the rest kind of on the BON JOVI vibe. The melodic chorus consists of melodic guitars, including a high rated solo, with an amazing & lovely vocals singing emotional lyrics.

“The Gates Of Jerusalem”, an intro over 1 minute, peacefully letting out a Middle Eastern kind of feel with its atmosphere. Surely a masterful and suspense induced insertion into the opener “Arabian Knights”. Fantastic sound of drums & guitars are evident and quite strapping, the front line of the vocals, especially over the chorus, is remarkable. On “Right Now” the keyboard work has that Progressive Metal edge, a wonderful melodic chorus. A true potential hit. Guitar riffs are is highly melodic. Rhythm section consists of Steve McKenna (bass) and Max Yates (drums) with guitars playing by John Halliwell and Dan Mitchell reminded me songs of WHITESNAKE and crazy keyboards displayed a cool sense of ASIA and STILSKIN.

I enjoyed the passionate vocals on “Raven’s Eye” along with the acoustic guitars creating a beautiful. The ambiance is amazing, like during a storytelling of an old fairy tale, rather Celtic I might add. The wonderful backing vocals are simply amazing. TEN prove their experience as veteran players right through this one as it turned out to be quite a number.Another ballad is “The Last Time” which begins with a nice piano intro developing into an archaic keyboards. Again Hughes shows that his is a master of ballads when it comes to singing aside to the tranquil mood with a pleasant sound of drums, bass and also guitars. Such ballad should be a potential hit in the nature of older power ballads of KANSAS or SCORPIONS, melodic and easily falls into one's memorylane. “The Riddle” is also a ballad with a wonderful and gentle singing, even though the melodic chorus has that GREEN DAY's“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” kind of pattern. Without a doubt a fine display of ballad composing by TEN.

“Insatiable” would make you want to taste more of the band with a commanding keyboards intro in the vein of Jordan Rudess. As always, Hughes's voice of Gary Hughes is so tempting. The picture perfect rhythm section is simply amazing with a great transition from the verses to the chorus. I found a few elements of progression, rather into the later sounds of VAN HALEN. I like this song because it is so light, powerful and melodic, just shrapnel of sugariness honey for the soul, Hughes's vocals remind me sometimes of Rob Moratti. This is the shortest track on album lasts for 4 minutes. The same goes for the energetic “Unbelievable". Power drums and bass with full of melodic guitars. I couldn't have enough of these riffs & melody chorus so memorable in the vein of the “Mission Impossible” themes.

Summing up, TEN created excellent music and they demonstrated that they can play amazing ballads and also fantastic powerful songs of heartfelt Hard Rock. Every song on this CD lasts around 6 minutes, and every of one of them is more than worth listening, the entire album is full of melody and great musical creations, including romantic ballads. They have been drawing handful of influences from early Hard Rock / Rock music. Gary Hughes's is simply amazing, he is fantastic vocalist; his clear, melodic singing makes every word precious. I'm sure that every fan of Hard Rock will love “Heresy and Creed” and also it is a great present for TEN fans that would have the chance to listen to their idols in perfect form with beautiful songs. Everyone will find something for themselves on this album as the music is so diverse. I can't wait to see them on stage and listen to new songs.

4 Star Rating

1. The Gates Of Jerusalem
2. Arabian Knights
3. Gunrunning
4. The Lights Go Down
5. Raven’s Eye
6. Right Now
7. Game Of Hearts
8. The Last Time
9. The Priestess
10. Insatiable
11. Another Rainy Day
12. Unbelievable
13. The Riddle
Gary Hughes– Vocals
John Halliwell– Guitars
Dan Mitchell– Guitars
Darrel Treece-Birch– Keyboards
Steve McKenna– Bass
Max Yates – Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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Edited 05 December 2022

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