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Ten - Stormwarning (CD) Award winner

by Eirini Panagiotidou at 14 January 2011, 12:01 AM

Maybe I am not the most suitable person to review TEN's new album. Probably because I consider Gary Hughes an excellent vocalist and songwriter or maybe because all of their previous albums were , by far, above average. TEN did not “offer” to their fans the usual corny , “ same old -same old” , wanna be- heartbreaking songs and I am happy to say that they are, still, keeping up the good work.

Their new album "Stormwarning", doesn’t disappoint you. You don’t need to hear it over and over again in order to force yourself into liking it. It captures you by the first minute. Strong melodies and lyrics (Hughes is again the basic songwriter), catchy refrains, beautiful guitar solos and Gary Hughes' voice better than ever. A classic TEN album, lacking no strength nor feeling and balancing perfectly between the ballads and the most “heavier” songs of “Stormwarning”. Οf course, I must admit that it did not give me the same thrill I got ,when hearing their debut album "X" or "Spellbound" , but this comeback left me more than satisfied . As highlights of this CD I would underline tracks as "Endless Symphony" with the sweet intro and its epic atmosphere, a filled with pure emotion "Kingdom Come" that, in my humble opinion, has some of the most beautiful love lyrics ever written, the dynamic "Destiny" and of course "The Book of Secrets" with the shameless, classic hard rock sleaze sound and lyrics that gets you excited you in an instant, without feeling any kind of guilt! Don’t let it cross your mind, though, that in any way the rest of the songs are inferior to the ones mentioned. TEN is a band that knows how to keep your interest alive and their new release is the proof!

Producer of the album is Dennis Ward (member of Pink Cream 69 and producer of Angra, Place Vendome, Sunstorm, Edenbridge) while the rest of the team is composed by Neil Fraser and John Halliwell ( guitars) , Paul Hodson (keyboards), Marks Sumner(bass) and last but not least, behind the drums is Mark Zonder (Warlord, Fates Warning). The magnificent cover of the album is designed, once more, by the renowned artist Luis Royo (thumbs up!!!) who is also responsible for TEN's covers of "Babylon" and "Spellbound".Hear this album and be sure that you will be humming the lyrics for a long time. Take my word: it is a must buy for fans and a good chance for the “haters” to shut their mouths and see what melodic hard rock can still offer.

p.s Thank you Santa Claus, for acknowledging what a good girl I was last year and giving me this late Christmas gift!

p.s2 In the Asian market, the album will have a bonus track , the song "The Darkness". Such a pity for Europe…

4 Star Rating

1. Endless Symphony
2. Centre Of My Universe
3. Kingdom Come
4. Book Of Secrets
5. Stormwarning
6. Invisible
7. Love Song
8. The Hourglass And The Landslide
9. Destiny
10. The Wave
Gary Hughes - Vocals, Guitars, Backing vocals
Neil Fraser - Guitars, Lead guitars
John Halliwell – Guitars
Paul Hodson - Keyboards
Mark Sumner - Bass guitars
Mark Zonder - Drums and Percussion
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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