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Tenebra – Through Crying Souls I See What I Was

Through Crying Souls I See What I Was
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 October 2020, 11:57 AM

Formed in 2001 and hailing from Italy, TENEBRA have released only three Demos to date. From their Facebook page, “TENEBRA is indifference, nihilism, a soundtrack for nowadays "danse macabre" of life slowly dragging ourselves towards certain death.” “Through Crying Souls I See What I See” was actually released as their latest Demo in 2007. So, technically, this is a re-release…they must have been signed to a record label as of late. The album contains six tracks.

“Intro” leads off the album. It’s a very short one-minute mood setting instrumental, consisting of just some drum thuds, keys and background ambiance. It almost sounds virtuous. “Tenebra” roars in and puts that feeling to death. Blast-beat drumming, harsh vocals, and heavy riffing ensue. To me, it sounds like Black Metal, with a touch of Death Metal. It takes a pause, with clean guitars and solemn tones, with even a glimmer of hope. But, the nihilist energy returns with a vengeance. “Phlaegrea” is a bit slower in pace, but with no less intensity. Just a bit of melody comes from the guitars. There is again a long ambient passage of clean guitars. It really helps break up the intensity of the previous sound. It waxes and wanes twice during the song, placing emphasis on those guitar melodies.

“Eternal Rest” goes for your throat right out of the gates, with thick instrumentation, powerful drumming, and hateful harsh vocals. It takes a little pause but then the main riff returns, with a repeated pattern, adding some layers into the mix. “Dancing Souls” is a six-minute song, opening with a swinging groove of sorts. It gains in speed and intensity as it moves along, with drums working overtime in a thunderous method. They vary the main riff a few times, but always come back to the core sound.

“Ode” closes the album. It opens with melancholy clean guitars along with some light keys. The sound here is also fairly charming, in a dark sort of way. Overall, this music deserves to be heard, so I am glad they were signed to a label. It is in a way dated, as it was written over 13 years ago. But also fresh, in the method of songwriting. It isn’t anything totally out of left field, but had enough interesting characteristics to keep your interest. It’s Black Metal at the core, but with some additional features you don’t often hear in the genre.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Tenebra
3. Phlaegrea
4. Eternal Rest
5. Dancing Souls
6. Ode
Lord Lemory – All Instruments
Record Label: Cult of Parthenope


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