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Tentation – Tentation

by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 21 October 2015, 11:46 AM

TENTATION is a Heavy Metal band based out of France. This is the band’s debut EP, containing six tracks.

Though the songs are sung entirely in French, you can still feel the lyrical messages through the music itself. “Bruixes” is a fast paced rocker that smacks of influence from both Power Metal and The New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands from yesteryear. There is plenty of energy in this three minute track as well, and this is the kind of song that could have come from IRON MAIDEN’s debut album. “L’epreuve du sang has a similar pace and rhythm though it has an additional minute from the first track. Once again the direction of the song comes mostly from the main riff and vocals. That familiar triplets pacing reminds me of something Steve Harris would have composed. Patrice’s vocal range is noteworthy in this track as well.

“Valhalla” has a real old school feeling with that riff and phaser effect, and the way the bass and drums accent the changes in rhythm here and there. “Temps de prieres” continues to solidify the sound that the band has established thus far on the EP. In fact the similarity of the first four tracks in terms of tempo and rhythm is strong. Wanting to hear the EP branch out a bit, I relish “Spectre de lumieire.” The band slows down somewhat and focuses more on some mystery and mood with the opening acoustics and cymbals. Too quickly however it returns to the speed of earlier tracks, though the moodiness remains, maintaining some degree of distinction from the rest of the EP. Closing the album is the cover song “Double Band,” which I don’t believe I have heard before. It sounds to me like it fits on the album perfectly and they probably chose to cover it due to the influence it had on their style.

Overall, it’s pretty honest songwriting. Underlying the entire EP is a heavy influence from IRON MAIDEN in this reviewer’s opinion, which is always pleasing. I think the band’s focus is on keeping it simple and unpretentious, while promoting a real raw energy and live performance vibes.

3 Star Rating

1. Bruixes
2. L’epreuve du sang
3. Valhalla
4. Temps de prieres
5. Spectre de lumieire
6. Double Band (H-Bomb Cover)
Patrice “Darquos” Rohee – Vocals
Guillaume Dousse – Guitars
Guillaume “Guix” Pastor – Bass
Laurent “Lole” Metivier – Drums
Record Label: Impious Desecration Records


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