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Tequila Mockingbyrd - Fight And Flight Award winner

Tequila Mockingbyrd
Fight And Flight
by Chen May at 17 July 2017, 5:02 PM

Tequila Mockingbyrd deliver an outstanding performance on their debut album “Fight and Flight”. The Australian trio, comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Estelle Artois, bassist Jess Reily and drummer Josie O’Toole, has made a name for themselves with their electrifying Rock’n’Roll anthems. Watch out, for these ladies kick some serious ass!

“Fight and Flight” encapsulates the Rock’n’Roll spirit with its catchy melodies and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Despite the album’s general Rock’n’Roll atmosphere, there are certain songs that contain some Heavy Metal elements; this is particularly evident in the single “I Smell Rock n Roll”, a fist-pumping tune that is capable of making one headbang and sing along to the tune. The heavily-strummed bass and guitars and thunderous drumming - which are staples of Heavy Metal tracks - are abundant in this song. Lead vocalist Estelle’s voice is sonorous and rich, and fits perfectly with the band’s hard and heavy musical backdrop.

“Never Go Home” is another fun track to rock out to. It has a catchy and euphoric hook and ends with Estelle powerfully belting out “Never Go Home!!!” In a similar vein, the explosive and high-octane nature of “Money Tree” makes it an entertaining song to sing along to. “Catalyst” has a slightly retro feel to it, but what makes it particularly unforgettable is its chorus. The line “Make up your mind” has certainly left an imprint on my mind. “Half of the Man” is another solid track made up of saucy lyrics, expressive vocals and a squealing guitar solo thrown in for good measure.

A steady, distorted beat graces the opening of the down-tempo “This Ain’t Dead”. The tuned-down guitar accompanied by staccato beats and Estelle’s smooth vocals help build anticipation in the song, which slowly explodes into a substantial track with a catchy and memorable chorus backed by Jess and Josie. This gradual building up of pace simply enhances the sobriety of the tune, which finally ends with a mellow outro. Another one of the band’s party anthems, “Jägerbomb” kicks off with a groovy intro. It is a boisterous and joyful track to listen to despite its somewhat repetitive lyrics and brief length.

A cover of THE RAMONES“Somebody Put Something In My Drink” is also included on the album. The band has not only covered it well, but has also incorporated their distinctive style into this song. Several other tracks such as the speedy “Everyone Down” and the flippant “Why Are We Still Friends” are worthy of note too. Estelle’s wide vocal range is showcased in the former, where she hits high notes effortlessly. The album finally ends with the feisty and energetic “Good Time”. As always, this song is packed with a lively guitar solo and resounding vocals, before closing off with a distorted riff.

Listening to “Fight and Flight” was an incredibly refreshing and entertaining experience. It has just the right amount of sassiness and attitude to ensnare the hearts of rockers and metalheads everywhere; add in the skillful performances of these ladies and you get an album that is simply engaging and unforgettable. I, for damn sure, look forward to future releases from the T-BYRDS!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

  1. I Smell Rock n Roll
  2. Never Go Home
  3. Money Tree
  4. Catalyst
  5. Half of the Man
  6. So Not Me
  7. Everyone Down
  8. This Ain't Dead
  9. Somebody Put Something In My Drink
  10. Why Are We Still Friends
  11. Jägerbomb
  12. Shut Me Down
  13. Good Time
Estelle Artois – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jess Reily – Bass/Backing Vocals
Josie O’Toole – Drums/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings


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