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Tequila Sunrise - Nasty Habits Award winner

Tequila Sunrise
Nasty Habits
by MarcusTheRocker at 07 November 2015, 11:46 AM

Sometimes when you start out in the business, you’ll often do whatever you can to rake in the money to make ends meet. Some of the methods often used may include making short Demos to sell on, performing on the streets and hope you’ll get some change from passersby or maybe even just being a session musician for other bands until you’re confident enough to make it on your own. Nowadays that’s how some musicians work, as they begin out by playing as session musicians for other bands, and then eventually making it big on their own by forming their own band which is the case for the band featured in this review, who are a new five piece from Spain and their name is TEQUILA SUNRISE

Formed in 2010-2011 in Madrid in Spain, TEQUILA SUNRISE are a Spanish Hard & Heavy/AOR band. Originally starting out with three members who were all just session musicians, they soon acquired two more members to complete their line up. Now with five members and taking their cues from 80’s style American Hard Rock from the likes of DOKKEN and BON JOVI, they recently completed their debut 4 song EP “Nasty Habits” which is out now for the world to hear and this is my review of it so let us see if this new Spanish band have churned out something good.

Clocking in at around 17 minutes across four tracks, the EP kicks off with “Face the Truth” which is a punchy heavy hitting rock number with shredding guitars, ball kicking drum beats, groovy bass lines and punchy energetic vocals that help to get this EP off to a good start as it gives you a very good idea what this band are all about. Next up is the title track “Nasty Habits” and this too is a punchy heavy hitting Rock track filled with heavy riffs, punchy vocals and ball kicking drum beats.

The next track “Too Late” is a little bit more slower paced as this one is more of a Melodic AOR song but it does still have some enjoyable melodies that make you appreciate the genre even more. Lastly is the closing track “There Are No Heroes” and this one is a straight flat out rock track filled with fast paced drumming, heavy guitars, groovy bass lines and punchy vocals that help to close off this great EP with what I think can be dubbed a Rock Anthem.

Even though this is a short EP with only four tracks, it’s short but sweet as the old saying goes as all four tracks are just as enjoyable as the last. Each is crafted with it’s own unique distinctive heavy Rock sound filled with punchy melodies and enjoyable vocals which when coupled with the excellent mixing and production on this independently released EP leave you impressed with what this new quintet have been able to come up with.

Bottom line, the debut EP from TEQUILA SUNRISE has gotten this new Spanish bands career off to a great start as it’s a short but sweet little record that is perfect for spinning either when you’ve got some time to kill before going somewhere or to help pass the time on a long journey as you can spam it multiple times and never get bored once of its enjoyable and punchy music. Highly recommended.

4 Star Rating

  1. Face The Truth
  2. Nasty Habits
  3. Too Late
  4. There Are No Heroes
Jorge Cortés - Vocals
Ramón Blein - Guitar
Cecilio Sanchez-Robles - Guitar
Fernando Mainer - Bass
Ruben Santos - Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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