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Tequila Sunrise – Danger Zone

Tequila Sunrise
Danger Zone
by Harry Green at 23 October 2017, 6:06 AM

Formed in 2011, TEQUILA SUNRISE of Madrid, Spain, debuted in 2017 with this album “Danger Zone”. Despite the band and album name being manifestly unoriginal, the actual music is more surprising. Superficially, it’s yet another retro rock band, but there’s more to discuss.

On the first two tracks, the production is baffling. It sounds like it’s actively inhibiting the band’s energy, as if their moms shut the door of the room in which they were playing. It sometimes works for the slightly calmer sections that sound a little prog, and it does mean the bass is a bit more audible – but it cuts out the most soaring notes. It’s only by “Fallen Angels”, literally the last track on the album, that the vocals become completely unfettered. “Day By Day” in an emblematic opener – the lead is pretty good in this song, but the rhythm guitar ends up manifestly tepid. Most weirdly of all, the guitar solo ends up quiet, which for a rock band is something of a fundamental failing.

“Bad Side of Love” is an immediate improvement – the vocals, appropriately, are allowed to breathe and so much the better. The lead guitar also stands out better at the end and concludes the song nicely. The song’s chiller demeanor works around the production and we get a glimpse of what COASTLAND RIDE could have been if they weren’t terrible. There are a number of standouts subsequently. “Stay on the Wild Side” surreptitiously sneaks in a rockabilly 50’s bassline and is better for it, later adding a very vintage solo. “She” showcases some particularly fun, intricate guitar work that reminds me very strongly of Paul Gilbert.

The weaker parts of this album aren’t offensively bad. They’re reasonably solid retro rock that’s competently crafted if a little limp-wristed (“Carry On” is representative). It’s the album’s stronger elements that serve better to set TEQUILA SUNRISE apart. The prog-ish sections here are quite welcome and manage to add just enough of THE TANGENT to DOKKEN to make TEQUILA SUNRISE sound unique.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Production: 6
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Day By Day
2. My Way or the Highway
3. Bad Side of Love
4. Stay on the Wild Side
5. Danger Zone
6. Coming Home
7. She
8. Carry On
9. Risk It All
10. Fallen Angels
Jorge Cortes – Vocals
Ramon Blein – Guitar
Cecilio Sanchez-Robles – Guitar
Jesus Acosta – Bass
Ruben Santos - Drums
Record Label: Perris Records


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