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Teratolith - Eclipse

by Craig Rider at 01 October 2020, 1:15 PM

Metal maniacs,  rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TERATOLITH; independently unsigned, hailing from Planet Earth (couldn’t find information) - performing Black/Death Metal/Ambient, on their double EP compilation album entitled: “Eclipse” (released September 25th, 2020).

Since formation in 2019; the unknown mastermind has only this here debut album (originally released as both “Eclipse I” (released August 28th, 2019), “Eclipse II” (released February 12th, 2020) separately) entitled: “Eclipse”. 8 tracks ranging at around 41:19; TERATOLITH arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Black/Death Metal/Ambient amalgamations.

Opening up with this otherworldly slime of sludgy swampiness; “One. Death.” manifests this trippy soundscape of distortion, and gnarly fluidity in harmonic deadliness. Amplified into a blistering attribute in rumbling reverberation; rattling this deprived contortion in fuzzy aesthetics, implementing a borderline foundation in drony ritualism. Meticulously bombarding a foreboding  harbouring in savagely sinister soundscapes that trailblaze with monsterously meaty tightness…surging this spacious calamity in triggering momentum that showcases this primitively raw slab on solid retribution & unique synth work that portrays this eerily haunting chug that’s punchy while progressively weighty. I couldn’t find a shred of names within this maelstrom, though the doom-esque guitars and audible bass thump with rough rompiness…where the drums hammer with rambunctiously piledriving stompiness & steely precision.

Two” (I like where this is going) fabricates an ethereal yet unearthly majesty on marvellously supernatural resonation; while the pounding battering boisterously bounces with sonically seamless ominance, the vocals are barren but when roared they yell with throaty raspiness &  sulphurous rebellion. The blasphemous blackness; culminated with the deathly ambience experiments, a hybrid dimension in grindy heaviness & atmosphere…injecting an infectiously rampant yet venomously volatile solace on organic substance with this vibrantly potent synergy on menacing tribulations that forge a chunky characteristic in dynamically hellish dexterity while revelling with riveting hooks and demonic echoes in the space time vortex that sinks you into an unholy panache of surrounding joint melancholy of overarching profanity…mixed with rapidly swift nimbleness to boot.

Three. The Oracle.” utilizes more unique yet profusely robust vehemence; unearthing mesmerising tappings until this belting bombast combusts into a barraged frenzy of some heated fretwork hooks, and extreme noise terror. Executing a groovy rite on satanic sacrilege, that tempestuously implodes into a uproarious shroud of thick & concretely filthy bludgeonings that skyrocket with fierce galloping intensities. “Four. Misericordia” embellishes a killer laceration in creative finesse, and this vibrato virtuosity on quintessential alchemy…instrumentally conjuring a chiselling density on salubrious sturdiness while gravitating into transcending vortex on quaint shadiness. “Five. Thanatomorphosis.” is an evolving metamorphosis on this evil empowering darkness, demonstrating a ripping rift on speedy mayhem and chaotic firepower in which perseveres with this persistent quake on mandatory songwriting complexities.

Six.” articulates in more riffing mastery; tempos scour low and high in this thrilling sense of symbolic heft, fuelling an out of this world sublimity in gloomy Black Metal pursuits. Striking with abominable dominance, and frantically fiendish haste. “Seven.” orchestrates this more sinistrous semblance of chill inducing integrities; a boundary that pulls you into its dark emptiness of this visionary spectre on this enchanted illusion of immensely detailed systematic of synth & musicianship prowess proficiencies that will trance you with captivating grandeur.

Overall concluding “Eclipse” with the finale epic: “Eight. Eclipse.” which closes everything into a converging mass of jarring yet spellbinding hypnosis; contrasting this overwhelming slice of magnetizing potential, I am compelled to say that the talented TERATOLITH outdone themselves remarkably well here. It’s certainly an intelligent invention that offers lots of replay value, expertise and consistent flows of these sub-genres in place.

Bottom line; do definitely check them out, they are a discovery for sure worth the time. Have at it, and enjoy this thrilling experience.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. One. Death.
2. Two.
3. Three. The Oracle.
4. Four. Misericordia.
5. Five. Thanatomorphosis.
6. Six.
7. Seven.
8. Eight. Eclipse.
Band members remain anon
Record Label: Brucia Records


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