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Teratoma - Purulent Manifestations Award winner

Purulent Manifestations
by Allen Peters at 09 August 2022, 4:55 PM

Based in Germany, TERATOMA is a band formed of veteran musicians from Brazil, Italy and Chili, an international flavor of Metal. A self-produced album, “Purelent Manifestations,” was recorded by Moro and Giacoma, mixed by Pierre Somville and mastered at Resonance Sound Studio by Dan Lowndes. If you are a fan of BOLT THROWER or CARCASS, check out this Berlin based bands debut Death Metal album of similar style. You will have your choice of vinyl, in multiple colors, cassette, CD, digital downloads, they even have a subscription program to help you get your fix from this self proclaimed, “International Death Metal Abomination.”

Growling vocals out of the gate, you will find them heavy. The grinding guitars lead you through this one. So far so good, “Tortured Voices,” is a good listen and release for all of you tortured souls out there.

We find a little change of rhythm in the next one, “Detached From Existence,” always a good sign for good things to follow. You even get a little guitar solo with some old school Thrash spice thrown in the mix. I am hopeful for the next four and have been given no reasons thus far to think that we will receive anything less than something entertaining in these six songs. Short and sweet looks like the recipe here.

Slowing it down a bit with a haunting, almost horn like guitar, this is another song with a stand alone, unique sound to it. It keeps you on the edge of your seat knowing that they are going to probably rip it apart at any second… and they do. The lyrics slowly come out from the deep, even mixing it up with a little story telling vocal change, “Nero,” doesn’t disappoint. It is looking like I may have to talk about how good all six tracks are. That is not always the case, but always enjoyable to see it when it comes along.

The “Horrid Stench,” has a basic smell to it in the beginning, nothing putrid, they usually can’t all be home runs. It continues on its simple path where I can’t find anything really bad to say, it is carrying us right long, picking up the pace nicely in the end.

Carrying on over, a more frantic approach starts us out along with a nice vocal mix in the beginning that we have not heard yet. A long solo is finally made to be a larger part of the whole and then the bass and blistering drums follow to wrap up the final product of the fifth before the sixth and final track, “Corporeal Mess.” Starting out in a similar fashion to the last, it could almost be the same song in the beginning if it just continued to play but the guitars seem to never fail to refresh each time. They are the obvious highlights of this debut album to me. Not to take anything away from all of the band members, but it is worth a listen for just the guitar work, I really enjoyed the style. These new Berlin boys on the block came to play and show that they mean business. I am going to give them a solid nine on the Death Metal scale.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Tortured Voices
2. Detached From Existence
3. Nero
4. Horrid Stench
5. Oceanum Inferni
6. Corporeal Mess
Dani - Vocals
Giacomo - Bass
Caue - Drums
 Rolo - Guitar
Sandro – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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