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Terminal Death - Terminal Death

Terminal Death
Terminal Death
by Kostas Kiriakis at 10 June 2014, 11:33 PM

POSSESSED. DEATH. SEPULTURA. These guys are some of the most influential death metal bands ever, shaping thrash metal into what we came to know as death metal, with its inumerable spin-offs and evolutions. What that has to do with TERMINAL DEATH?

Well, despite their very short career and obscure status, TERMINAL DEATH deserve to be counted among those aforementioned pioneers. Formed in '84, these guys released two demos before parting ways in '86.

22 years later Shadow Kingdom Records present to us their “Faces of Death” demo from '85, along with two rehersals from the 85-86 era. Besides the repetitiviness that comes with similar releases and the unbelievably bad sound quality, TERMINAL DEATH's tunes have exactly what any self-respecting death meatlhead wants.

Unrelentless protodeath/thrash songs, showing that it's a pity TERMINAL DEATH never actually took off the ground like their aforementioned contemporaries did. Add to this three great previously unreleased tracks, it makes the whole endeavor even more worthwhile.

Because music, as any creation, should be judged within the context of its era, TERMINAL DEATH is a great release, even if 20 years late. If you are one of those guys that still hear to POSSESSED's “Death Metal” and get the chills, you won't be disappointed. If not, what can I say? Maybe you'd come to like it, if you can get past the shity production.

4 Star Rating

(Demo 1985)
1. Terminal Death
2. Judge Death
3. The Day After the End
4. Brain Tumor
5. Celestial Execution
6. Hacksaw

(Rehearsal, December, 11 1985)
7. Terminal Death/Judge Death
8. Brain Tumor
9. Celestial Execution
10. Intermission
11. Hacksaw
12. The Day After the End
13. Chained to the Abyss
\[Unreleased]14. Dying in the War

\[Unreleased](Rehearsal, April 19, 1986)
15. Terminal Death/Judge Death
16. Brain Tumor
17. Bloody Retribution
\[Unreleased]18. Hacksaw
19. The Day After the End
20. Chained to the Abyss
Shaun Glass – Bass
Adam Contreras – Drums
Nick Stevens – Guitars
Rick Aguayo – Guitars
John Piotroski – Vocals
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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