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Terminal Prospect - Redefine Existence

Terminal Prospect
Redefine Existence
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 May 2013, 12:45 PM

Another environmental turnout for team Earth, clinging to the fabrics of nature that keeps mankind alive and breathing. Truth is that we have been decaying for years, but will that stop the human race from progressing? Don't even think about it. Nonetheless, there will always be parties that will preserve the right to follow the utopian ideals for the safeguarding of our natural habitat called Earth. As a principle, it is honorable nonetheless, but in the bottom line, we are here for the music. There you have the Swedish TERMINAL PROSPECT, not such a newcomer, but also not that veteran, displaying their social vision and versions of how the world has been declining in a certain rate with their second album, "Redefine Existence", via Gravity Entertainment. Echoes and resonances of melodic Death Metal, streaming the verve of late 90s IN FLAMES, saturates with great dynamisms and convictions along with hooks and wrapping of 90s oriented Swedish Thrash conjuring the forces of CALLENISH CIRCLE, DARKANE, early THE HAUNTED and CARNAL FORGE. "Redefine Existence" brought back the voice of the late 90s with a terrific measure of skill, but eventually not stirring the wheel into substantial corridors of interest.

For the most part, "Redefine Existence" is fairly solid. I relished the dynamics of the players and was impressed by the frontman that produced quite a high end shriek growled voice (kind of like a mixture of early KREATOR's Mille Petrozza along with the late Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH's "The Sound Of Perseverance" era). The band's sound didn't define anything special or new, but it kicked ass, recalling the old sounds of a scene nearly decimated by the modernization of their powerhouse genre. Musically, TERMINAL PROSPECT display the last dying hollers of Gothenburg's melodic Death Metal pact, which still gains popularity nowadays, but the fact is that they have been reprising themselves constantly. Check out the main riffs of the large part of the song, same structure, similar modern melodic outline that never ceases, following even matching tempos. Furthermore, these melodies are quite banal, as if this band has lack of creativity or inspirations. Secondly, I understood that the band didn’t wish to stretch their compositions with unnecessary repetitions to fill up vacant space, but I'm afraid that they did the opposite. Too many tracks on the list seemed to end abruptly, way too harsh endings as if cut right in the center. That harshness damaged the experience that could have also change thing for this album.

Albeit, the songs generate a good vibe of Death / Thrash Metal, a loosened spirit generating heavy music. Songs in the manner of the catchy tunes of "Chains Of Guilt" and "Aggressive Obsession" spawned emphatic melodic riffs, decisive and fixating, probably these songs' powerhouse elements. "The Edge Of Confusion" and "Resurrection" charged with less melodies but with tremendous crushing blows of this mixture of Metal subgenres. I would also recommend "The Exodus" to the list as I liked its Thrashy vibe of riffing, pretty intense stuff but in overall quite common. As I mentioned earlier, this band has might and appreciation for their old scene, but they have to work a bit harder to produce something that would at least sound slightly more genuine or at least less repetitive. Nonetheless, I recommend to check out "Redefine Existence", Swedish compelling Death / Thrash in the pure sense of the phrase.

3 Star Rating

1. The Exodus
2. Chains Of Guilt
3. The Edge Of Confusion
4. A Memory To Keep
5. Price Of The Age
6. Unfortunately Not
7. Resurrection
8. Unleash The Fury
9. Aggressive Obsession
10. Redefine Existence
11. Liquid Mind
Kristian Norelius - Guitar, Vocals
Sebastian Rojas - Drums
Jussi Niiranen - Guitar
Mikael André -Bass
Record Label: Gravity Entertainment


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