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Terminal Function - Measuring The Abstract (CD)

Terminal Function
Measuring The Abstract
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 December 2008, 3:56 PM

One more release that comes from Willowtip Records after the CROWPATH album and I just hope that Measuring The Abstract will be much better than CROWPATH's musical abomination. The fact is I didn't know TERMINAL FUNCTION, so I made a small research about them…

The band hails from Sandviken, Sweden, and has been around since 1998. Measuring The Abstract, which is TERMINAL FUNCTION's debut full-length release, marks the band's 10th anniversary and it is kind of strange that this is their debut album in so many years in the scene.

Anyway, TERMINAL FUNCTION is trying to find the matching point between MESHUGGAH and CYNIC, and without wanting to sound offensive, I guess that these guys can't be as successful as they 'should'. Even though the album is not that bad, there are no moments that are memorable enough to make you press the 'repeat' button. The jazzy breaks are pretty nice, although Larsson is probably not the best singer for this band, since his brutal vocals need a lot of work. I guess that TERMINAL FUNCTION's debut release is nothing more than a decent Progressive Death Metal work, with nice leads, space-tripping synth breaks and chaotic song structures.

I guess that most of the bands that try to combine Progressive music with Death Metal end up sounding like less than mediocre CYNIC wannabes. TERMINAL FUNCTION need to work harder in order to prove that they are not one more average band.

2 Star Rating

Room 101
Dissolving Soul Fragments
The Brainshaped Mind
Cloning Assembly
Auroral Display
Remote Views
Victor Larsson - Vocals
Stefan Aronsson - Guitar
Mikael Almgren - Guitar
David Lindkvist - Drums
Lars Soderberg - Bass (Live)
Record Label: Willowtip Records


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