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Terminus - A Single Point of Light

A Single Point of Light
by Quinten Serna at 02 December 2019, 6:47 PM

A one-piece group is a rarity usually reserved to the geniuses and virtuosos that grace the music industry with their odd perception of music such as Trent Reznor and Dave Grohl, but finding a duo that possesses such a keen understanding of each other’s perception of music is an even greater rarity whose greatest analogue has to be the likes of Simon and Garfunkel. Yet, it is not American Folk, Rock, or Industrial music that’s on the listening platform but instead magnitude that is Heavy Metal and few other bands have carved out a notch as distinct as TERMINUS.  Hailing from Belfast, Northern Island TERMINUS has just succeeded in delivering their Sophomore album “A Single Point Of Light.”

Commencing in a very odd mannerism with the track “To Ash, To Dust” the album kicks off immediately with music bearing no buildup or momentum, just a straight shot into the album and with no warning listeners are inclined to buckled up. The song keeps the same speed throughout most of its passage wherein only the drums cymbals and occasionally the snare alter. “Harvest” follows next changing up the rhythm immediately from its predecessor—coupled with the subtle dynamic change the song features itself a series of varying harmonies along with tempo and rhythm changes which earns it the musical definition of being an opus. “As Through A Child’s Eyes” begins with a full band whereupon the guitars have a harmonious solo playing alongside the rhythm which itself is subverted under the howling vocals. The song has one of the strongest hooks on the entire record, such that every instrument builds upon one another in homogeneous harmony for the chorus. The final track on the album—another technical opus—is “Spinning Webs, Catching Dreams” a lengthy and winding song versed around life, death, and the unknown.

The instruments are well recorded and even better performed wherein each one falls into tight synchronicity. The bass is mixed at the perfect volume and has itself a heavy and bright tone; the guitars have swelled mids perfect for carving their space in the mix but not too much to sound tinny; the drums are the centerpiece of every track never swaying from their beat; the vocals are perhaps the most defining aspect of the mix as they stand out in every instance, a howling and mournful voice that resounds in an eldritch delivery.

A Single Point Of Light” is a chilling Heavy Metal LP which is a great follow up to TERMINUS’ predecessor and itself a milestone for the band—for those who love the eerie and eldritch, and those who jam out to some genuinely good Heavy Metal this album is a must have addition.

 Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. To Ash, To Dust
2. Harvest
3. As Through A Child’s Eyes
4. Flesh Falls From Steel
5. Mhira, Tell Me The Nature Of Your Existence
6. Cry Havoc
7. Spinning Webs, Catching Dreams
David Gillespie—All instruments
James Beattie—Vocals
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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