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Terminus - Tomb Of Infamy

Tomb Of Infamy
by Gabriel “Svrtr” Zimmerman at 15 June 2017, 7:35 AM

Sometimes there comes a band who you are pretty sure broke up and got back together to create a new album or reproduce an old one to mark their coming back to music but you are not 100% sure they did get back together or even if they broke apart since much of the info you are looking for is missing and the best you can find is that they probably broke up sometime in the early half of the 90s.  Today’s TERMINUS is just like that, presenting classic death metal from the early 90s as well as presenting a great challenge on any info on the band I can find . Regardless, sick beats and great riffs await so without further ado I will dive right in (and will do so without running jokes).

The album opens with the album’s namesake “Tomb of Infamy”, and while  certainly not technical it does contain great riffs that are a bit melancholic and more gradual in their progression, providing a sort of simple single minded focused form of catharsis. One can just put the song on and enjoy it in a straightforward manner. It is also certainly not lacking in amazing 90s riffs, solos, and beats, of which there are plenty of each abound. My favorite part is undoubtedly the lead guitar riffs and the solo in this song. However, this ease of ability to just put on the song and press play could be a double edged sword in some regards, as the song may feel somewhat hollow for lack of a better term. However, this potential shortcoming is a rarity in the song, and the album certainly opens on an incredibly strong note.  Next on my list is “Painted Reality”, which seems to play more like a brutal death metal track in some regards,  especially when viewing its opening. While by all accounts a well made  track, this track does seem to contain that somewhat hollow feel. It has some good riffs and beats, and a very technical solo, yet it feels like it wants to play it safe and not try something new. The brevity of the track combined with the extreme scarcity of vocals certainly works against the track in this scenario, yet one cannot help but feel like they listened to the track but didn’t really hear anything.

The following track “Horrid Remains” falls in a somewhat similar state but for a different reason. It feels as if absolutely everything is thrown in at random, with no rhyme nor reason guiding the direction of the song. It is as if you go in and listen to such a small sample of everything that  in the end you truly had nothing, again containing a sort of hollowness. Sadly this becomes somewhat of a trend. Tracks are either decent but somewhat lack luster or they contain that sort of hollow sensation, as if the track starts and ends but never progresses much anywhere. Tracks become repetitive and bleed into each other over time, and over the course of the nearly 75 minute album it feels as if one begins to swear they heard repetitions that seem to feel more and more common, perhaps in another key but the same riff or progression with a slight change up.

Ultimately, it becomes somewhat difficult to gauge some of the songs. As stated, they begin to bleed together, some sections stretch on for long enough times and sound different enough that you begin to forget you are listening to the same song instead of thinking a new one began to open, or it feels like the tracks progressed no where. The music is not even terrible per se, but it feels as if not much happened over the course of the album. In the end I must say the album is decent at best. I wish the best of luck to the band and hope they make it, but I cannot highly recommend this album.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1 - Tomb of Infamy
2 - Lycanthrope
3 - Painted Reality
4 - The Horrid Remains
5 - Awakened
6 - Necropolis
7 - Isolate the Sick
8 - One Called Sheep
9 - Killing Through Chemistry
10 - Age of Ordung
11 - Creations
12 - Beso de la arana
13 - Life Beyond
Dave Palmer - Drums
Jason Murra - Lead Guitar
Chris Speciale - Bass
Dave Luck - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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