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Terra Atlantica - Beyond the Borders Award winner

Terra Atlantica
Beyond The Borders
by Kevin Lewis at 01 October 2022, 11:30 AM

TERRA ATLANTICA is a German four-piece Melodic Power Metal band that fully embrace the addition of Symphonic Metal to round out the sound. Formed in 20142, “Beyond the Borders” is their third full-length album. Running at just under 50 minutes and containing 11 songs, including an eight-minute epic track, this is a a record sure to catch the ears of fantasy and cinematic themed music lovers. “Beyond The Borders” was released via Pride & Joy Music on September 16, 2022.

There are two instrumentals on this record, The first is aptly named “Overture” and leads off the record. It’s two minutes of horns, strings, and drums, setting the mood for the adventure to come. The second is “Guns and Drums,” a bombastic sea shanty performed with classical and modern instruments. You will likely recognize the tune and might even get up and dance a jig while it plays!

Beyond Power Metal, this is also Pirate Metal. Set in the 1840s, this is a tale of European power dynamics when navies were used to dominate the seas and choke of your enemies’ abilities to sustain their livelihoods. For “The Scarlet Banners,” we have massive guitar riffs and stunning drum work to power the story. The vocals are clean, with bits of grit added in for emphasis, that tell the story. The bass lays the foundation, supporting this entire cast of characters and musicians.

Far From Alive” goes melodic, using acoustic guitars and keyboards to lighten the tone while maintaining the nautical theme. This track is close to a power ballad, though the bridge steps over the line into full Power Metal tune. The flipping from Ballad to Power is well done, giving the song a lot of extra appeal.

Next, the title track rushes through like a storm on the high seas. The galloping rhythm is beautifully handled with added keys to beef up the size of the song. The compositions are big, bold, and beefy, belying the fact there are only four members in the band.

Sun Of Pontevedra” has a Spanish Classical intro fused with horns and acoustic guitar, that lulls you into a peaceful reverie before hitting you right in the ears with a killer riff. “Guns And Drums” then shift us to the next phase of the story with “Just One Look.” Opening with piano and vocals, the song builds slowly, bringing in female vocals to voice another character. There is always a love interest in any heroic journey, which is what we have here.

Getting back to the heavier side of TERRA ATLANTICA’s Power Metal sound, “Hellfire” is a ripper of a song, fast-paced with leads from the guitars and keyboards. The drums are amazing on this song, hammering out a rapid-fire pattern that borders blast beats. The bass holds the rhythm perfectly, keeping a track that could easily spiral out of control right on cue, but Julian does have a moment to shine while transitioning the song to the bridge, then Nico takes us back to the main riff and chorus.

Pirate Bay” has a modern take on big band/rockabilly sounds, incorporating an accordion and extra orchestration. Here, the conflict of the album is reaching the peak of intensity, setting up the hero to prevail and begin the journey home, victorious.

Thus begins “The Great Escape,” an epic track of almost nine minutes. Showing off their Progressive Metal chops, this song shifts tempos and time signatures multiple times, creating thematic shifts for the trek. This song has everything Power Metal is supposed to, hitting every mark with precision and expertise. It is a solid composition, encompassing all the elements you need for the conclusion of the glorious adventure.

Take Us Home” is the final chapter, the arrival home having prevailed against the enemy. Victory is celebrated and the tone of the song is upbeat, giving the listener a reason to chant along and sing the song of victory.

TERRA ATLANTICA have stepped up their game, creating an entire world with music and words, illustrating history sonically. They do not just tell a tale, they weave a tapestry of noise that uses tactical shifts in tone to provide you with not just a lyric tale to tell you what is happening but using film score techniques to give a musical backing for the feelings you are to experience.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Overture
2. The Scarlet Banners
3. Far from Alive
4. Beyond the Borders
5. Sun of Pontevedra
6. Guns and Drums
7. Just One Look
8. Hellfire
9. Pirate Bay
10. The Great Escape
11. Take Us Home
Tristan Harders – Vocals/Guitar
Julian Prüfer – Bass
Nico Hauschildt – Drums/Backing Vocals
David Wieczorek – Guitar
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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