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Terra Deep - Part Of This World, Part Of Another

Terra Deep
Part Of This World, Part Of Another
by Craig Rider at 06 February 2016, 12:46 PM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here to give you an insight on this Progressive Black Metal one-man band from the United States of America: TERRA DEEP; via Dusktone Records.

One-man projects are usually extraordinary feats for me; every review of this intelligent magnitude (that I have done) always manages to surprise me, whether it's Progressive or Technical (two genres I've yet to fully open up to), one-man managing a singular band is truly an astonishing display of self-confidence and intelligence. It shows they are truly dedicated to their love for Metal, and will put their heart, soul, and balls into their babies - just like you would with your first born child.

This opinion of mine is how I feel of the Metal we know and love. I can't live without it. So, without further ado; I listen to: “Part Of This World, Part Of Another” by TERRA DEEP. In-depth; right off the bat, open-mind - in check. As I delve deeper into “Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet Part I- Wax Photonic”, I get into an atmospheric experience with vocals clean and brutal, -measurably- and a musical tone that's so good; you'll be “fisting” in no time. M. Edwards really knew what he was doing whilst creating this Black Metal experience, at least, in my opinion. The sound production is rough but clean at the same time, and toned deeply…but if you're familiar with any other Black Metal quintet – this may be nothing new to you. Though, it may sound too “clean” for the COMPLETE rough-wanting fans.

That's not to say you shouldn't try out some new, quality material, right? Right. You should. It helps the music industry as a whole, and in fact, makes your life much better as a music fan. Naturally, you're here as a Black Metal fan; or a new fan, wanting to open your mind for something new. You came to the right place. As someone who took months, years even, to get into the genre, I'm glad I can finally open mine, and experience some quality music. TERRA DEEP or rather, M. Edwards, evidently show that a singular project can just as well be done better, and should never be frown upon. You should always be surprised as I have been.

This is Black Metal of atmospheric proportions. With pianist implements, instrumentation, brutal and epic. You just can't go wrong, really. 5 lengthy tracks of epic precision. Guitars, bass, vocals and so on – have an original concept behind them; but still, nothing too new that you Black Metal fans have likely already heard. The much longer “Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet Part II- Venus Adumbrant” begins with a much more ritual based feeling, still keeping that textured, atmospheric epic intact. Typical Black Metal heaviness that leads to a Progressive alternative, in the same form of OPETH or ENSLAVED; inspirationally has impact on M. Edwards. “Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet” is a two part concept suit of emotive masterwork. I couldn't agree more. The guy has masterminded an original concept of epic proportions.

The Navigator” begins and well, and again, keeps everything mentioned already, but implements a Thrashier tone for the rough Black Metal fans out there. There is something for everyone here. It tells a story of the rapture in Black Metal form, basically. At least, that's what I can depict from the lyrics and cover. I've yet to listen to previous works: “Inamorata” and the debut: “Starlight Lodge”, so I can't form an opinion of whether “Part Of This World, Part Of Another” is better. But as a new fan, (yes, you heard right) blindly going in, I can appreciate M. Edwards' attempt at Progressively Black Metalling this release tenfold. So far, I'm impressed.

Ending the album with “Portrait Winter” and “Harvestide”, I conclude this listen with a faster approach, keeping the initial epic in-check; as well as everything mentioned above. “Harvestide” showcases the Prog initiative, with a groovy riff and more upbeat tone than previous tracks. I guess this is how Prog should REALLY sound like, eh?

If Progressive Metal bands and fans want to sound good, take note. TERRA DEEP and M. Edwards has formed a spectacle of how (in my opinion, at least) Progressive and Technical sounding Metal should sound like. If it's just going to be a mess about with the instruments, what's the point on listening? It has to sound good, with rhythm, but while keeping the unique and original idea of your music…just sounding really good. Or, the bands are probably just crap? I don't know if I'm brutally honest.

Judging by the music, cover and integrity of M. Edwards' musical brilliance, I can only give this record positive feedback, really. The dude has implemented a forceful sound of that “greatness” flavor, and while keeping rhythm within the Prog motive, mostly Black Metal; but forming an all-around notice of measurably mixed genres, this work was brilliantly produced and just shouldn't be looked away from. Without too much else to say; what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself, and see if you agree with me or not.

4 Star Rating

1. Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet Part I- Wax Photonic
2. Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet Part II- Venus Adumbrant
3. The Navigator
4. Portrait Of Winter
5. Harvestide
M. Edwards - Everything
Record Label: Dusktone Records


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