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Terra Odium - Ne Plus Ultra

Terra Odium
Ne Plus Ultra
by Craig Rider at 04 October 2021, 6:15 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TERRA ODIUM; hailing from Norwegian grounds, performing Progressive Metal - on their debut album entitled: "Ne Plus Ultra'' (released 11th of June, 2021). Since formation in 2021; this new Progressive Metal act has only this debut album in their discography so far entitled: "Ne Plus Ultra", 7 tracks ranging at around 52:24 - TERRA ODIUM arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Prog Metal developments - somewhat a supergroup consisting of members from ex-SPIRAL ARCHITECT duo Øyvind Hægeland & Asgeir Mickelson; Bollie Fredriksen (MANITOU), Steve Di Giorgio from the mighty TESTAMENT & Jon Phillips from ANGRA, MOONSPELL & DRAGONFORCE, this ambitious group promises to be an interesting listen for many Prog nerds & metal maniacs alike looking for diverse variety throughout a quality yet technical representation of masterclass talent.

Opening up with this ominous maze-like synth of otherworldly and god-like divinity, "Crawling" begins the record with boisterously bouncy calamity. Atmospheric hymns element at a concretely jumpy punchline groove as hefty harmonies attribute at a chiselling frolic where mythical ambience implements this sulfurous melody on wildly rushing yet rampantly rompy panache, surging with weighty rhythms & tight, trailblazing significance. Outbursting with outrè technicalities on progressive seamlessness, sonic potency & skyrocketing vibrancy that revels with uniquely versatile vehemence to boot.

Consisting of Øyvind Hægeland on vocals/lead guitars; the front man excels at a barrage frenzy on profusely robust shreds that thunder with razor-sharp laceration on killer but blistering virtuosity, where quintessential singing mobility manifests with clean but high-pitched soars. Ramifying with throaty screams that yell with shouty persistence, strong pipes & relentless synergy. "The Road Not Taken" distils at a crunchy flair in hybrid experimentation and dynamically dexterous foundations in rumbling reverberation which trembles with volatile solos amongst a towering slab of solid melody where twinning rhythm/leads/acoustic guitar prowess showcased from Bollie Fredriksen supplies this organic substance on momentously rich maelstrom zeal which provides monolithic tempos, meaty hooks of fierce firepower expertise. As fretworks flamboyantly craft at a distinctively distinguished rift which perseveres with clobbering furocity, engaging in diligently detailed riffage that will mesmerise you greatly.

"Winter" slows things down a notch, where remedious but complex moods outburst with more piledriving creativity – clamouring an extreme aesthetic in grinding havoc and chaotic leads on slaying pandemonium. While Jon Phipps on the orchestral arrangements fuses a gravitational boundary on gripping immersivity, interspersed with the salubriously rigorous slamming of powerhouse drummer Asgeir Mickelson who bashfully chops his set with steely precision and belting but bruising conundrums in spectral titanium. "The Shadow Lung" symbiotically stomps with thumpy but interesting acute, fretless bass audibility from Steve Di Giorgio; who venomously injects an infectious but vigorous systematic in densely fundamental flexibility, which pulsates with some prodigiously prestigious zeal and ambitious chugs that frolic fluidly with pounding gallops impactfully well.

"The Thorn" embellishes in striking pursuits of catchy grooves and lofty transparency on heavy dissonance with the symphonic contrast amongst towering synergies where the hypothesis in bulldozing instrumentation belts an engaging contortion on mellifluous vigour where vocals never cease in differentiate patterns yet only roar continuously and impeccably well. Lots of intriguing aspects in inventive finesse executes at an illustrious attention in detail, where the riffs oscillate with riveting grit and concrete mobility while marveling with rich quirkiness while snappy tonality rivets with wondrous songwriting memorability. While the penultimate track "It Was Not Death" examines captivating furore as an acoustic strum strings through your head as heady chaos triggers with paramount stability, throughout this utmost splendid panache on mountainous yet pivotal technique.

Whilst I'm at it, looking at the artwork - it depicts a lonely soul who's about to enter a troublesome maze that could either lead to unbound fulfilment or imminent destruction… a terrifying vision but an image that portrays an identifying entrancement within this broad, but grandiose grandeur landscape in musical qualities that will surely fulfill all of your spectrums marvelously - this sinister but broody hindsight is sure to divulge an exciting but briskly dark convergence all throughout the listening of this record profusely & indelibly.

Overall concluding "Ne Plus Ultra" with the finale epic: "The Clouded Morning"; a somewhat melancholic sensation of trepidation, vivacious swerve & precise musicianship - I am compelled to say that TERRA ODIUM most surely outdone themselves with this one.. such clinical enjoyability cleverly grants an experience which begs to be admired. A discovery totally worthy of your Prog-heads' time while a great start to getting into the sub-genre as well, worth spinning & replaying a good handful of times - your twisted neck & soul will thank you.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Crawling
2. The Road Not Taken
3. Winter
4. The Shadow Lung
5. The Thorn
6. It Was Not Death
7. The Clouded Morning
Øyvind Hægeland - Vocals/Lead Guitars
Bollie Fredriksen - Rhythm/Lead/Acoustic Guitars
Steve Di Giorgio - Fretless Bass
Asgeir Mickelson - Drums
Jon Phipps - Orchestration
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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