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Terrible Sickness - Feasting On Your Perdition

Terrible Sickness
Feasting On Your Perdition
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 02 July 2017, 5:48 PM

TERRIBLE SICKNESS are a German Brutal Death Metal/Grind-core group, who originally hail from Hannover, Lower Saxony, and their career has been active for a strong seven years know, being that they formed back in 2010.

Their career began with a demo entitled “Abattoir of Pleasure”, which was recorded and released in 2011. 2013 then marked the release of their debut full-length album called “First Rape, Still Sexy”, which consisted of nine tracks, and was an independent release. The demo itself was a nine-minute, three-track demo.

Jump to this year and March 10th saw the initial release of their second full-length album, entitled “Feasting on Your Perdition”. The album was released through Bret Hard Records, which is also the band’s current record label. The album itself contains 11 tracks. It has a brutal artwork, and I’m going to give you a short but very detailed overlook of what the album sounds like. Looking at their Bandcamp page, two tracks are available, plus there are some on Youtube, so you can enjoy them almost everywhere. The tracks available are “Wifebeater”, which is the third track on the album. It starts off with a harsh old-school oriented scream, a lot of blast-beats, and a generally fast atmosphere. The vocals are completely old-school, and I have to admit that I was completely surprised by this song. (You know when you see the genre of the band and expect something generic, yet you get a brutal mix of the two worlds?) The guitars are really good, whilst the vocals are incredibly brutal and harsh - remaining various and pretty original. “Fate” is the fourth song. It has a slower atmosphere at the start, but not for long. The drums kick you in the face with their raw and brutal energy. A few more modern influences can be heard on this track, with the vocals reminding you of the more Brutal Death Metal-oriented era, which is a bit more modern, but the track also has influences from the previous one, keeping It mixed, making the song universal, both old and new.

Give TERRIBLE SICKNESS a listen if you enjoy Death Metal that is both brutal, spiced up, sped up, fast, energetic, powerful, and ass-kicking.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

2.Desolated Idolatry
5.Defile and Dismember
6.Carjacking Torture Death
7.Butcher of Humans
8.The Nameless
9.Treasure Piece of Meat
10.Entrenched in Intestines
11.Terrible Sickness MMXV *
Hendrik - Bass
Peter - Drums
Karsten - Guitars
Jan - Guitars
Florian - Vocals
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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