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Terrible Sickness - Flesh for the Insatiable

Terrible Sickness
Flesh for the Insatiable
by Ricardo Casagrande at 17 January 2023, 1:01 PM

TERRIBLE SICKNESS is a death metal band with touches of grindcore that comes out of Lower Saxony, Germany. Formed in 2010, the band released a demo in 2011 titled Abattoir of Pleasure and in 2013 put out their first album First Rape, Still Sexy. It wasn’t until 2017 that they released their second album Feasting On Your Perdition. In March of 2022, the band put out a single to their new album called “Dethroned Immortality”,  which was mixed and mastered by Emil Richters at Audiobeast Studio Following that up in November is eleven blast beats metal tracks mixed with 90’s death metal vengeance.

The album as a whole is if CANNIBAL CORPSE meets European death metal, but without the brutal sheer force the music embodies. The album starts off with the track “Carnage” and it does live up to its name. There are plenty of blasts and double bass as the guitars rage on with the deep raspy vocals in the forefront. “Winds of Extinction” is a solid track as the band layers the guitars to amplify the brutality. There is a sonic solo that even though it is a short one, pieces into the track well. The bass is more audible with the song as the riffs are a little more patiently formed instead of vigorously played through, which allows the bass to rumble to life. The next track “Crown of Discreation” opens the same as the last three songs with the guitars starting up and soon joined by the drums as the songs take off. It starts to make the tracks blend together. The song is one of the better tracks on the album for me as it is a heavy hitting track that has less tempo and more melody to music as the vocals and instruments are playing as one to build and crush the track.

The band released “Dethroned Immortality” as a single to the album. The track is driven by solid rhythm held together by creative drumming and a variety of riffs that have a black/doom feeling to them. The ghostly dark howl of Florian is similar to a Kataklysm with more of a dragged out growl to them. “Voracious Persecutor” is a directly destructive death metal track from beginning to end that features a few killer riffs that are not trying to do too much, which in this case is best for the song. The last song to talk about is “Putrid Infection” for the fact that it is what the whole album is as a whole. A rapid fire assault to start before forming into a salute to 90’s death metal,  finishing off with a blistering pace. Though it is a solid death metal track, it doesn’t offer up anything that you haven’t heard on the previous nine tracks.

If you are looking to throw on a brutal death metal album for the love of death metal and not expect to experience anything groundbreaking or genre advancing, then for sure give it a go. It has everything to enjoy from tormented growls in the vocals, blistering and creative drums and solid guitar work. But I did find that starting the tracks out roughly the same, lowered my interest immediately and from there on I am looking for the rest of the song to make up for that, which is not fair to tracks or the artists themselves. A well put together album although for me some of the tracks come up a little short.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 3
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Carnage
2. Living Disembowelment
3.  Winds of Extinction
4. Crown of Discreation
5. Slaves of Decay
6. Bloody Guts
7. Dethroned Immortality
8. Revenge
9. Voracious Persecutor
10. Putrid Infection
11. Feeding Fatal Fairies
Florian - Vocals
Jens - Guitars
Karsten - Guitars
Eike - Bass, Backing Vocals
Peter - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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