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Terrifier (Ex-Skull Hammer) - Destroyers Of The Faith

Terrifier (Ex-Skull Hammer)
Destroyers Of The Faith
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 October 2012, 1:06 AM

Strike in the name of old school Metal, kneel before the gods of Metal that brought you the best music ever played in stereo, hail the insanity delivered by fast paced riffing and unholy melodic rhythms. I can go on and on with exemplifying you guys how fired up I was after I listened to this here band’s debut album. Once again the Canadian Metal scene put a smile on my face and now I can live happier. Well I might gotten a little bit carried away there, don’t you think? Yet, who cares, when its great Metal I can’t just let it happen without me babbling about it, can’t I? Through Vlad Nowajczyk of Hard Rocker I found out about this foursome crew from British Columbia that showed me how true Thrash Metal should be forged. This group was named SKULL HAMMER and on their own they released their debut “Destroyers Of The Faith” (At last someone decided to stand up again the Defenders of JUDAS PRIEST, hey I am just kidding there), however after a short period of time the old SKULL HAMMER name, which existed since 2003, dissolved after the departure of one of the band’s key members and changed into TERRIFIER. But have no fear, this band is still alive and running working on new material.

So what’s new on “Destroyers Of The Faith”? In best way that I will put it is absolutely nothing, TERRIFIER didn’t progress beyond the boundaries of traditional Metal, and this time I am more than glad to admit it that they didn’t need to. Under its glory “Destroyers Of The Faith” displayed a perfect fusion between NWOBHM of the early 80s along with one of its later spawns, Bay Area Thrash Metal in the veins of SLAYER, EXODUS and TESTAMENT. Of course that there additional attributes of Speed Metal al’a early MEGADETH and the complex stuff made by early ANNIHILATOR, but the main essence of these fine creations are the ingredients of speed, steady flow of power shifts from violence to more fighting against oppressors, cutting edge melodies, tremolo madness and harmonic entrées that made me kiss the floor and plenty of lead guitars showdowns played by extraordinary guitarists that just thought to crush my bones with massive attack waves of spiky licks, sweep picking and shredding. Thus, I believe that you are about to become breathless, but with style. The majority of the tracklist of the album is an in your face experience, TERRIFIER must have carved it one their skins that no prisoners will remain after experiencing their material, and I can agree with that because as I much as I like to think about themes concerning albums I review, TERRIFIER inflamed me with tons of energies that didn’t let just sit down and wonder how the music enemies of the throne will be treated after they are captured and tormented.

I know that I started the second paragraph on the wrong foot while I asked if there is something new revealed on this release. But maybe it wasn’t on the wrong foot as it is the truth. TERRIFIER played honest, what can be called vintage Thrash Metal as it was demonstrated back in the mid to late 80s. However, TERRIFIER with their stuff topped many other Thrash bands of their age that hasn’t came forward with the same rate of material yet. TERRIFIER made me like the crushing instrumental “Of Victory And Valour”, violent and cruel “Hammer Fist”, “Welcome To Camp Blood” and “Legions Of The Dead” while also letting me enjoy a Thrash epic like “The Age Of Steel”. You don’t have to be into old school Metal to relish this one, you just have to sit down and listen and to understand that you won’t be sitting ever again.

4 Star Rating

1. The Valkyrie
2. Hammer Fist
3. Welcome to Camp Blood
4. The Age of Steel
5. Scum Ridden Filth
6. Legions of the Dead
7. Of Victory and Valour (Instrumental)
8. Destroyers of the Faith 
“Destroyers Of The Faith” Lineup
Chase Thibodeau- Bass & Vocals
Rene Wilkinson- Guitar
Brent Gallant- Guitar
Jerome Brewer- Drums

Current TERRIFER Lineup
Chase Thibodeau- Bass & Vocals
Rene Wilkinson- Guitar
Brent Gallant- Guitar
Kyle Sheppard- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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