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Terrifier - Weapons Of Thrash Destruction

Weapons Of Thrash Destruction
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 March 2017, 11:42 PM

There is never all is said and done. When reprising something that is working, while making it happen to end up being in a higher level, it is worth the what so called risk. Once again I landed on a band that I had the chance to review its debut release, and it is Canadian, so fun. Back in 2012, I was emailed by a band called TERRIFIER, to cover their debut “Destroyers Of The Faith”, originally written by their early incarnation, under the moniker SKULL HAMMER. That release was very good, showing yet another promising Thrash Metal band that holds nothing back. So we are five years past, the band signed to Test Your Metal Records, and released their sophomore Thrash outbreak, “Weapons Of Thrash Destruction”. Be rest assured that they kept their form in check and even boosted their capabilities further into becoming a monster.

It was fine noticing that TERRIFIER haven’t lost their touch, and this time they even blasted their way with extra crispy pounds of unforgiving Metal obliteration, laying down lines of the extreme into the air, craving to grow into an integral part of the second wave of Thrash Metal. Portraying astounding instrumental talent, the rightful inclusion to the late 80s dominators such as DEATH ANGEL / TESTAMENT / MEGADETH and to the second wave’s monsters WARBRINGER for instance, all I wanted to do was to start breaking things, or plainly left in bewilderment. One of the top notch elements of the band’s music has been their soloing, and trust me that if you are into the powerful classic lead guitar testimonials such as of Dave Mustaine’s speed legacy, be sure that you are the right place, you will be blown into bits. Likewise, the course of the music is running through thunderstorms, applied by extreme blast beats to achieve havoc at the toughest of levels. There are occasions where the gas is off the pedal, to breathe some air, but not quite as they is still room for heavy bone breaking rhythm guitaring to be enslaved by the soloing battle.

TERRIFIER enabled some example to a crushing moshpit, and if it was safer, I would have crashed everything around my workplace, the right place to listen to such an album. The out for attack style tracks as “Nuclear Demolisher”, “Violent Reprisal”, “Reanimator“ and “Skitzoid Embolism” should eventually become a totem in nowadays Thrash Metal. Still protecting the genre’s classic status but the right amount of songwriting creativity to throw in a shot of decisiveness.

Though not innovative, as a larger part of the audience demands, TERRIFIER felt to me like a breath of fresh air, a tremendous effort of good ol’ Thrash Metal that bested the test of time and knocked everyone’s teeth out.

4 Star Rating

1. Reanimator
2. Deceiver
3. Nuclear Demolisher
4. Violent Reprisal
5. Skitzoid Embolism
6. Drunk as Fuck
7. Bestial Tyranny
8. Riders of Doom
9. Sect of the Serpent
Chase Thibodeau - Vocals
Rene Wilkinson - Guitar
Brent Gallant - Guitar
Kyle Sheppard - Drums
Alexander Giles - Bass
Record Label: Test Your Metal Records


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