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Terrörhammer – Gateways to Hades

Gateways to Hades
by Bruno Diniz at 30 January 2023, 9:26 AM

After Seven years since their first release went out TERRÖRHAMMER gifts to the world "Gateways to Hades" "a sophomore return to the bestial sounds of dark underground!" according to the band. Based on Black, Speed and Thrash Metal genres the Serbian trio plays a very traditional style from underground 90's inspired by bands like Venom.  Regarding the mastering and mixing, in my Opinion drums and bass should be higher, many times it’s just vanish between vocals and guitars sound, i Guess the band want to sound like old epic bands, but even so, something is missing. The fresh Full-length counts with eight tracks and a nice two-minute intro called "March Of The Damned", that creates all the environment for what the trio where planning for us next.

"At Dawn We Attack" brings down a fast and brutal rhythm, the path throughout the production is always traveled very quickly, electric guitar solos and good communication between the instruments followed dos rash vocals de Pentagramator The Helltyrant.  Next up we read to "Gateways To Hades", the track that give the name to the album, once again we march in high speed, this one have such an energic chorus. “Transylvanian Whore" even if it does not bring anything innovative breaks a little the frantic sequence by adding a thunderous howl in its beginning and then a narrative vocal seeking a greater versatility for the work.

Blizzard Of Blood” brings all the black Metal atmosphere loaded with blast beats having an unstoppable drum, terror can be felt in the soul here, a very classic track that will surely please the fans of raw black metal. While "The Interceptor" keeps up the insane pace, "Midnight Patrol" has a more swing catch, refreshing the listening and remounting a great vibe from the 80's. "Tronized Goat Master" works like a great closure, again the brutality comes up to end this good new Terrörhammer album, that could be better if they had a little more care bout mixing.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. March Of The Damned
2. At Dawn We Attack
3. Gateways To Hades
4. Transylvanian Whore
5. Blizzard Of Blood
6. The Interceptor
7. Midnight Patrol
8. Inside The Nuclear Tomb
9. Tronized Goat Master
Debiłczyna - Drums
Pentagramator The Helltyrant - Vocals, Guitars
U-Predator 47 – Bass
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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