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Terror – The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 09 August 2015, 8:31 PM

It’s been eleven years since TERROR released their debut album “One With The Underdogs” and they still sound exactly the same, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “The 25th Hour” is their sixth album and unsurprisingly, it sounds like TERROR. It’s full of Scott Vogel barking lyrics about survival at all cost over short, violent blasts of ultra-manly mancore. It’s one-dimensional, predictable and so macho it would happily replace its own arsehole with another clenched fist if it could find something else to crap out of. But if “Keepers Of The Faith” and “Always The Hard Way” are the soundtrack to your gym sessions, you’ll love this too.

It’s also got a wealth of tracks that’ll fit comfortably into their set-lists. “The Solution” for example is a stomping slab of social outrage, fuelled by an absolutely kick-arse breakdown. “Blinded By The Light” should see several hundred kids with crosses tattooed on their hands chanting along, while “Mind At War” and “Deep Rooted” are equally intense. Listening to them you can practically see the crowd barriers being smashed aside as teenagers flood the stage and security look on helplessly.

If you’re not already a fan of hardcore though, TERROR aren’t going to change your mind with this record. It’s not as good as the last COMEBACK KID or STICK TO YOUR GUNS albums either and you certainly don’t go to TERROR if you’re asking for innovation. But as a collection of fist-swinging pit anthems, it doesn’t put a foot wrong. Ten years from now they’ll have fifteen albums that all sound identical and they’ll still be turning up at festivals causing chaos in the late afternoons. They’ve always been a live act first and so long as each successive release has a few bad ass hardcore songs sprinkled through the track list, it doesn’t really matter if they all sound alike.

3 Star Rating

  1. The 25th Hour
  2. No Time For Fools
  3. Bad Signs
  4. Feed The Rats
  5. The Solution
  6. Blinded By The Lights
  7. Trust No Face
  8. Why?
  9. Mind At War
  10. Set The Trap
  11. Sick And Tired
  12. Life Goes On
  13. Both Of You
  14. Deep Rooted
Scott Vogel –Vocals
Nick Jett – Drums
Martin Stewart - Guitar
Jordan Posner –Guitar
David Wood - Bass
Record Label: Century Media


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