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Terrorama - Genocide

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 February 2013, 12:21 PM

Since the beginning of early societies there were those that ruled others in such a ruthless manner for the sake of order and preservation of power. Over the years, since dictators such as the Roman Emperors, Sultans and other old titles, the 20th century demonstrated several of the most horrid hostilities within dictatorship countries, the black holes of the world where the land feasted upon the flesh of its inhabitants. Countries such as Germany, Soviet Union, Italy and several African countries suffered the wretched hands of tyrants that have always plead for the good of the nation, the safekeeping of the commonwealth while enslaving, killing and pillaging from within. Notorious dark figures such as Hitler, Stalin and General Amin among many, over the years, while alive and long after their death, have been hated and despised by many that suffered their fierce hand in order to protect a certain order, a way of life that they chose, which simply wasn’t really there, finding the right path for the restoration of a nation in fear and death. For the memory of “never to exist again”, the Swedish old school oriented Death / Black / Thrash Metal moshing battalion of TERRORAMA, contributed their part for the memory of the dead by shocking the world with a terrifying onslaught with their third album, “Genocide”, via To The Death Records. No gimmicks, not a bit of trends, just plain massacre oriented extreme Metal, choking the life out of conformity, telling the true story of the horror days.

Sadly that with the band’s great intent on showing the world through several of stages where tyranny seemed like a sort of a sick answer to society’s problematic situations, both production, which was raw and vile sounding like a shoddy 12” record, and their music didn’t come out so welcoming. No doubt that one of the better things that this band has is lots of energy to spend and to share with its listeners. TERRORAMA swept nearly the entire release with unholy speed, crispy riffing, rough heaviness, loads of treble and lack of bass, tormenting in the vein of old DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and SODOM, DESTROYER 666, ancient ABSU, DEICIDE along with old school Black Metal of the Norwegian kind similar to the old bands, several great nowadays, of the late 80s and early 90s that produced twisted demos and raw albums back in their first years. At least a thing that I knew certain that the band’s leader, Peter Lidén, owner of the label I Hate Records, won’t settle for anything that will even remind something new, always head back in time to extreme Metal’s underdone and massively raw years.

In general, I admit that I like the band’s attitude. They wanted to shock and to keep their stretch as old school as it can get, worth praising, especially when attempting to challenge the world of Metal that larger sum of it went modern. The music is more or less fluent and rather easy to comprehend. The sound maybe troublesome but there is a good intent. The riffing is crispy with a cheap of post NWOBHM examples but in much sorer version. Liden’s vocals seemed rather understandable, issuing the malevolent lyrics as if telling a story other than singing, but that is the way it is. On several occasions I could hear Petter Nilsson rough soloing, sweet dedication for the old school, but it would have been better if those were more often.  As for the rhythm section, didn’t find anything that surprising, the blasting speed or the striding bass work. I saw good stuff on “Conceived in Abhorrence”, “Cerebral Oviposition” and the epic mid to slow tempo madness of the closing track, “Holodomor”, as if the sum up the entire experience of this entire release. With highly drenched production, with a bit of too rough examples of total onslaught, the grinding TERRORAMA were able to capture my attention with their antagonizing methods. The sad part is that it is their third release and one would have expected something better by now. Nonetheless, this is still a rotten prize for passionate old school fans of extreme Metal so why not tune to it.

3 Star Rating

1. Superbia
2. Inanimate Omen
3. Traitors of the Motherland (Gulag)
4. Conceived in Abhorrence
5. Genocide
6. Coronation In The Scorched Land
7. Cerebral Oviposition
8. Holodomor
Peter Lidén - Vocals
Micael Zetterberg - Drums
Emil Åström - Bass
Petter Nilsson - Guitars
Record Label: To The Death Records


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