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Terrorential - Visions

by Chloe O'Brien at 15 April 2021, 7:47 AM

Visions” is the third release from TERRORENTIAL a Thrash/Death Metal band from Sydney, Australia.

Prelusion” is a rumbling and triumphant intro to the album. The rumbling of the drums and the clearness of the guitar solo gives a great sense of exhilaration the bass is has a groove to it   This instrumental gives each instrument to show off their qualities and it is easier to hear the talent they have together as a band. There are so many complimenting riffs transitioning into solos on the guitars. The bass has such a groove to it and the drums fills make the track more suspenseful. The song is then finished off with acoustic guitar melody which is so clear and beautiful.

Logical Terror,” the track starts with an introductory scream from the vocalist, it carries the same melody from last song but heavier with more distortion, more bass and added Death Metal screams. There is a slide on the electric guitar that turns into a wicked guitar solo that transitions to a funky bass solo then comes back into the heavy guitar riff and heavy vocals. The main melody is catchy and uplifting. It ends with cool drum outro.

Warrior” The sound sounds as if it is descending, it is full of double kicks on the drums. The way the vocals almost match sound with the guitar riff is well done as they really complement each other. The use of grand pause leaves a jumpy feeling, the whir of the guitar is mesmerizing. It is not hard to see the talent this band has.

One on One” was my personal favourite, the song opens with a slow melody played on guitar accompanied with a low bass. The marching beat on the snare paves the way for a loud fast and heavy sound to pick up. The quickness of this song is very upbeat and would be the perfect song for a mosh pit. The drums hit hard, the guitar is very powerful and gives a gritty ambience to the piece. It ends a rhythmic beating on the drums and power chords played on guitar.

Flood the Earth” very aggressive vocals and drums in the background add to that aggressiveness.  “Dream Escape” opens with a guitar riff there the strumming of a Spanish guitar in the background and the high rings from the guitar adds a melancholic feel to the song. It completely changes tempo and melody at the three-minute mark it is upbeat and there is a guitar solo the vocals are heavy and grizzly. There is a roll on the drums and the song transitions to a breakdown and returns to the opening melody. The number of different elements they put into the song to show they are capable of Death Metal.

I’m Fucking Drunk…” opens with a steady beat on the drums and a call and answer on the guitars. The drums are very quick and makes your heart pump with excitement. It’s funny how the fast pace of all the instruments and the vocalist screaming there is a change in the song, and it slows tempo and is distorted guitars, bass and drums playing a spacey sound, almost insinuating the feeling of being drunk. It returns to the main melody and the vocals are screaming “I need to get more drunk”.

Visions,” a low distorted guitar and drums introduce the song into chaos. There is a fast played riff on guitars and fast bass. The vocals are aggressive and low and the use of different pitch screaming in backing vocals is a nice element. Around the three-minute mark there is a slower melody played on acoustic guitar and a solo that is straight of a ballad. The song feels as if it has come to an end and the melody surprisingly comes back.

Terrorential” is 7-minutes full of funky bass lines, speedy drums and raspy growling vocals. It is aggressive and very hyperactive from the chaos of the instruments. The way the guitarists work with each other sounds flawless.

TERRONTIAL have many influences of different metal and its obvious to hear from this album. They are an upbeat and chaotic band, the music they make is blood pumping. There is good chemistry in the band from just listening to the way they play together.

Song writing:8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1.  Prelusion
2.  Logical Terror
3.  Warrior
4.  One for One
5.  Flood the Earth
6.  Goddam Thrashing
7.  Dream Escape
8.  I'm Fucking Drunk…!
9.  Unleashed
10.  Visions
11.  Terrorential
Larry - Vocals & Guitar
Trav - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Triz - Drums
Alex – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 28 January 2023

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