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Terrorhammer - Under the Unholy Command

Under the Unholy Command
by Garrett Davis at 07 May 2016, 7:34 AM

This album by TERRORHAMMER starts off with some creepy noises, thanks to "Catacombs of Pandemonium", which is more like manufactured ambient sounds than music. But it sets a skin crawling tone for what comes next with "Necro Speed Megalomania", which launches into rapid-fire riffs that are a bit jarring by comparison. "Final Oppression" has a catchy rhythm for a death metal song, and the hook does its job, getting you sucked into the song. This track was the one that finally got me drawn in and held on tight, with its great guitar work when the band members really start showing their skills. That catchy, but brutal, tone continues with "Blood for the Countess", which would have anyone rocking out, tapping their foot, or headbanging along. The fifth song on the album is "Hell Commando", and it certainly earns the name with a confrontational and evil tone that suits the standard the other songs have set.

"Dawn of the Pentagram" goes a bit slower once more but gets fast and furious quickly. The grunted lyrics and incredibly fast pace really represent some of the best that the genre has to offer. It's no wonder TERRORHAMMER has been growing in popularity in the underground scene. "Graveyard Witch" has a thrash metal feel that feels relaxed compared to previous tracks, but that just makes it that much better. Then we come to "Toxic Overload" that starts off with a wailing horn like a public emergency siren, right before the song hits like a nuclear bomb. "Church of Sodomy" is the final track that starts with a woman softly asking for forgiveness so that she can sin all over again. This song is a nice finish for the album since it combines the elements of Thrash, Speed, and Death Metal into a single track that hits all the high notes of the album. I was honestly surprised by how much I liked "Under the Unholy Command", since the track titles and the names used by the band members were so severe. I didn't expect the kind of quality and energy the album actually presented. They have their own YouTube channel with live recordings of songs, including the link given here, so check them out.

Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Catacombs of Pandemonium
2. Necro Speed Megalomania
3. Final Oppression
4. Blood for the Countess
5. Hell Commando
6. Dawn of the Pentagram
7. Graveyard Witch
8. Atomic Overload
9. Church of Sodomy
B.B.K. Necro Doctor - Bass
Pentagramator The Helltyrant - Guitars, Vocals
T- Scream Agonizer - Drums
Record Label: Deathrune Records


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