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Terrorway - The Second

The Second
by Michael Bischoff at 22 February 2017, 7:02 PM

Formed in 2009 and hailing from Italy, TERRORWAY, release this their 2nd full length album aptly titled ‘’The Second’’. Before getting the chance to review this band I had never heard of them before, the name conjuring up images of hardcore or post hardcore type sounds. What we get instead is a sound that is best described, and closer to, Industrial groove metal than anything else, a sound that is at once cold, mechanical and sterile but that also has a sort of morbid melodic base that runs through it which is particularly noticeable in the vocal department where singer Andrea Orru manages to use his vocal chords from a kind of whispering/spoken word type sound right through to a more aggressive vocal style.

Starting with the opening number ‘’Under the light’’ of a broken’’ Down the band manage to create an ominous, slightly apocalyptic feel with a mid-paced track that is interrupted with electronic flourishing’s that add to the overall futuristic atmosphere of the song.

‘’Eye of the Sun’’ starts with a somewhat subdued but faster pace than the previous song with some cool breaks in the main riffing and vocals that more aggressive this time around relying less on spoken word and whispered passages. The groove of the song has a slight Metalcore  feel as well as MESHUGGAH influences brought about by the breaks in the structure. The keyboard effects that play a more prominent role towards the end of the song have a more atmospheric effect than on the previous song making this track sound like an amalgamation of MESHUGGAH and FEAR FACTORY with perhaps a dash of GODFLESH thrown in for good measure.

‘’Torment’’, starts with a classical lead intro and turns into a somewhat conventionally structured song before turning into a Groove Metal type track that brings to mind earlier Prong. This is a straight ahead thrasher, simply structured with a driving pace and vocals that give the listener the impression of being talked to by a machine. Song has a somewhat cold and clinical feel which fits the music perfectly bringing to mind visions of a near apocalyptic future run by machines.

Atmospheric intro, accompanied by clean singing and a whispered voice adding effect, like previous song,  ‘’On the Edge’’ gives the impression of a futuristic landscape this time told or envisioned from a human point of view. Describing a sense of hopelessness in a world devoid of feeling and hope, mid paced and with a plodding rhythm propelling it forward and that uses subtle keyboard effects in the background to accentuate the overall feeling of the song.

While the next few tracks are similarly structured to the aforementioned tracks, varying only in tempo, song nine ‘’The Wanderer’’ begins with a riff and a groove that would not have been out of place on SEPULTURA’s “Chaos A.D” album with an interesting use of the bass guitar interrupting the overall rhythm of the song at conveniently placed intervals, the song using a guitar solo of sorts that sounds like a swarm of mechanized bees hovering giving the song a unique feel.

Most of the songs, if not all of them are in the mid pace range only ever slightly deviating from that formula which works well on the first few tracks on the album before becoming too repetitive towards the end. Although all the songs are well produced and arranged they get too repetitive towards the latter half of the album.

Songwriting: 6/10
Originality: 7/10
Memorability: 7/10
Production: 6/10

3 Star Rating

1.  Under The Light Of A Broken Down
2.  Eye Of The Sun
3.  Torment
4.  On The Edge
5.  T.F.B.T.M. (The Face Behind The Mask)
6.  Enter the Columns
7.  Columns
8.  Trails Of Ashes
9.  The Wanderer
10. Lights Turn Black
11.  Threshold Of Pain
Andrea Orru – Vocals.
Ivan Fois – Guitars.
Giovanni Serra – Bass.
Cosma Secchi – Drums. 
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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