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Terzij De Horde – In One of These, I Am Your Enemy

Terzij De Horde
In One of These, I Am Your Enemy
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 May 2022, 2:07 PM

TERZIJ DE HORDE combine an amalgam of Progressive Black and Doom Metal with a rawness reminiscent of Extreme Hardcore or Chaotic Screamo. Their moniker is Dutch for “athwart the horde”. It is a line from the poem “Einde” (ending) by legendary Dutch poet Hendrik Marsman. Marsman is an inspiration to the band, as are many other authors and philosophers in the same dark vitalistic vein. “In One of These, I Am Your Enemy” explores how entire worlds are created and destroyed- how the powerful shape, dominate, and discard collective realities. Who wields the politics of death? Who decides what is considered human life? We see the clashing of realities, we walk the spaces between worlds, and find new possibilities and energies to feed resistance and revolution. The album contains three tracks.

“Cheiron” opens the album. It leads off with a heavy and dissonant sound that opens up fairly quickly into Black Metal madness. It settles into a Doomy riff with screamed vocals. The harrowing sound returns soon thereafter. “In One of These, I Am Your Enemy” is an eleven-minute beast, beginning with more harrowing and thick Black Metal tones. Again, it settles into a slower groove, with audible bass notes, but those vocals are punishing throughout. It builds to an early crescendo, picking up and letting off several times. The middle passage is quite calm, but with ominous tones hanging in the air, and the clean female vocals that follow are haunting. The second crescendo is even more harrowing.

“Precipice” is the 14-minute closer. Opening with dark and doomy tones, it’s like the stench that accompanies death. Thick and steady bass notes combine with eerie leads and more shouted vocals. The vocals turn to hatred as the rhythm guitars begin a steadier presence. A kay change brings more horror to the table as the track begins to climb. Darker, dissonant tones enter, as the song prepares for a final push, and that final push is as brutal as anything you have heard this year. Towards the end, the riff changes to fast-picked passages that put a stamp on the sound.

Through three tracks, we get a pretty strong sense of the core sound of the album. The combination of Black Metal elements with Doom Metal elements and the way the vocals are delivered is quite unique. Bleakness reigns here, and as they try to answer age old questions the only thing that really comes out of it is not understanding, but rather rage and anger, followed by bouts of depression. Give this a spin on a cold, dark day, and you may never want to return to the light.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Cheiron
2. In One of These, I Am Your Enemy
3. Precipice
Joost Vervoort – Vocals
Johan van Hattum – Bass
Demian Snel – Guitar
Jelle Agema – Guitar
Richard Japenga – Drums
Record Label: Consouling Sounds


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