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Tesla - Shock

by Cullen Baldridge at 09 May 2019, 3:54 AM

TESLA formed in 1985 in Sacramento California and was originally called CITY KIDD. Feeling like the name didn’t fit their sound, they renamed themselves, TESLA, in homage to the guy who technically Invented the radio; Nikola Tesla,

"Sign says long haired freaky people need not apply"…Wait, we’re doing new TESLA. They were my 2nd concert ever, over thirty years ago, and technically, my 1streview ever.So let's get Into It.

This album explores TESLA's lighter side, for sure, with songs like “We Can Rule The World”, “Love Is Fire, “Forever Loving You, and “After Life”. Did I say lighter side? Yes, even for Tesla, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, if that's what you thought I was Implying. The album was released March the 8th, 2019 by Universal Music and was produced by Phil Collen. You might know this guy… the guitarist for DEF LEPPARD; yeah I thought so.

You Won't Take Me Alive” – the song has guitars battling back and forth, and drums and bass Intruding, with a small delay until Keith’s staggering vocals enter. He is definitely one of a kind and easily recognizable in any song; you immediately know It's TESLA from start to finish. And you can also feel Collen's Influence right off the bat!

“Taste Like” definitely felt like a DAMN YANKEES song intro, vastly peeking my thought process into, “I never knew how much TESLA sounded like DEF LEPPARD”, and this was even before I knew who had produced the album. Jeff could replace Joe, or vise versa, Joe could replace Jeff, but decided I wasn't sure on the back half, Jeff has definitely got his own voice that can't be mistaken! There’s lot more low keyed backing vocals than I am accustomed to with them. “We Can Rule The World”is pleasantly smooth with unmistakable vocals, accompanied by equally harmonizing piano supporting the vocals. With bracing drums and bass line and effortless guitars merging in, this song is brilliantly put together, an anthem, as the name might suggest. Great song with piano gracefully playing throughout the song, drums placed between each note, violin highlighting the anthem feel of the song, and with a brief acoustic guitar making an appearance.

On the track, “Shock”, Frank Hannon said they felt like some fans would love this album and some would hate it, while others would just be shocked, so they made this song the title track. Basically it’s a kick yourself in the ass tune, reminding you that nobody else Is gonna save you, so save your self, and by getting that adrenalin pumping, you can make anything happen.

California Summer Song” hascreamy vocals and peaceful musicianship, and I’m digging It. Everything Is chill on this one with some great bass lines from Mr. Brian Wheat,  bring back memories of Cali beach days for him,  and kegs and Oklahoma creak banks for me. The song has a Kid Rock mixed with a RHCP thing going on, taking you back to the good old days, with not a care In the world; sun and fun.

Forever Loving You”;what is TESLA known for? Great love songs, and this Is another great TESLA love song. Hit your girl or wanna be girl up in Messenger, If you really wanna get her heart thumping, nut up and post it on her wall for all to see and take the grief from your homies. This has all of the makings of a great TESLA song; simplistic acoustics, serene vocals, tranquil bass and drums, and keyboards

Tied To The Track”; Oh Yeah, crunchy vintage TESLA, with uninhibited vocals and unleashed artistry, this is the heaviest song on the album, this definitely takes me back to my 2nd concert, TESLA. Remembering the last American T shirt and blue jean band days, with solid guitars, thumping drums, blazing bass, a tight build up to the chorus each time, and a moment of awesome guitar work toward the end.

Songwriting 8
Originality 5
Memorability 6
Production 10

3 Star Rating

1. You Won't Take Me Alive
2. Taste Like
3. We Can Rule The World
4. Shock
5.Love Is Fire
6. California Summer Song
7. Forever Loving You
8. The Mission
9. Tied To The Tracks
10. After Life
11. I Want Every Thing
12. Comfort Zone
Jeff Keith - Vocals
Frank Hannon - Guitar
Dave Rude - Guitar
Brian Wheat - Bass
Troy Luccketta - Drums
Record Label: Universal Music


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Edited 07 December 2022

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