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TesseracT - One (CD)

by Jonathan Maphet at 15 February 2011, 11:02 AM

TesseracT is a UK based technical progressive metal band. They are fond of uneven time signatures that make no sense whatsoever and their bio sheet says they are an experimental band. The experiment has failed. I have heard a lot of progressive metal bands and this is by far the worst one I have ever heard. DREAM THEATER is a good example of a great progressive metal band. This band uses the worst vocalist in the history of progressive music. He screams at the top of his lungs and it is neither a black metal nor a death metal scream. It’s simply a terrible nails on the chalkboard type scream that is completely, utterly, and entirely out of place in this genre. The so called “complexity” as their bio sheet explains is more accurately described as being lost. It is one thing to show complexity. It is entirely another to throw everything you have at the wall and see what sticks and then use what fails to stick as well. The songs are far too cumbersome and annoying to be pleasurable to listen to.

The music is simply all over the spectrum and it isn’t “cute”. It isn’t “charming” or any other positive attribute one might come up with to describe their sound. As bad as this album is, a decent vocalist would have saved it from being a complete failure, but that was simply not to be. I have a large amount of respect for Century Media. I remember 15 years ago, buying almost every artists release on their label because they were always so great. How the mighty have fallen. TesseracT has songs where a tempo is achieved and then the drumming goes off on a tangent that is completely out of sync with everything else that is going on in the song. For instance, a song will be playing with a nice atmospheric element that is completely shattered when the vocalist goes from a semi decent tone to an outright guttural scream that is completely incomprehensible. I don’t think even the code breakers and encryption specialists at the Pentagon could decipher half of what this guy is screaming. At times the music will fade away leaving only a drum track. And some ambient noise before the guitar kicks back in. Why, I do not know.

The songs vary in length and unfortunately the most annoying song on the album (entitled Eden) is over nine minutes long. That’s right, nine minutes, and you get to sit through a dozen tempo changes and more time signatures than your mind can comprehend. I hate giving negative reviews, but this is simply awful. I have many more bands to review and all of them so far, are a lot better than this one. My advice is for you to save your money. If you like music that has no true focus and contains random drum beats (more often than not) with horribly annoying vocals, then this is the band for you. For every other person out there, avoid at all costs.

1 Star Rating

1. Lament
2. Nascent
3. Acceptance - Concealing Fate Part One
4. Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two
5. The Impossible - Concealing Fate Part Three
6. Perfection - Concealing Fate Part Four
7. Epiphany - Concealing Fate Part Five
8. Origin - Concealing Fate Part Six
9. Sunrise
10. April
11. Eden
Daniel Tompkins - Vocals
Acle Kahney - Guitar
James Monteith – Guitar
Amos Williams - Bass & Vocals
Jay Postones - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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