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Tethra - Drown Into The Sea Of Life Award winner

Drown Into The Sea Of Life
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 02 June 2014, 10:21 AM

Hailing from Italy, TETHRA are here after releasing a EP back in 2010 with their debut album “Drown Into The Sea Of Life”. TETHRA style is one of the must elusive styles out there Death Doom Metal. A style that has an internal conflicts between the tempo of the Death Metal and the Doom metal, however it seems that TETHRA did manage to achieve a balance between the two conflicting styles. That can be heard in the first song “Sense of the Night”. The song starts with a more Doomish style, with a very nice all vocals start that changes to classic Doomish riffing that in turn goes into a more Death ripping. I have found this track to be very good, leaving aside the production issue, a solid start to their debut album, in the contrary to “Sense of the Night” that has a mix between to the styles. “Drifting Islands shows only one side of the band the Doom side, the thing is very strange, why? Cause “Vortex of Void” changes all the above with a Crust Metal start (more Death), high tempo that I found to be very likeable. It’s neither Doom nor Death, but a great track, probably the best on the album.

Don’t miss “Drown into the Sea of Life” with some clean vocals, will excuse me Claudio "Clode" Passeri, that I think should stay with the Low pitch on the verge of growling style vocals, does remind the immortal DANZIG and yes it’s a good thing. “End of the River” is probably the best Doom metal track on the album, incorporating great riffs with heart shaking drums.

I gotta say that TETHRA surprised me. It took me a few listens to the album, however I’m now hooked and can’t stop listening to “Drown Into The Sea Of Life”. There are some issues with the production damage to overall of the album , I think that you will think the same has me.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Sense of the Night
3. Drifting Islands
4. Vortex of Void
5. Drown into the Sea of Life
6. The Underworld
7. Ocean of Dark Creations
8. Ode to a Hanged Man
9. End of the River
Mike - Drums
Belfagor - Guitars
Claudio "Clode" Passeri - Vocals
Giuseppe Aufiero - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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