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Thabu - Reborn Award winner

by YngwieViking at 24 January 2013, 6:05 PM

It’s seems that my passion for Latin Metal, and especially for bands out of Brazil, has been spreading like the unstoppable pandemic plague. My buddy from Metal Temple, Steinmetal, was also infected, if you don’t believe me, you still can read his review for AGE OF ARTHEMIS, as a good proof of my words and as an undeniable symptom. So once again, I will praise an underground album, and try to express my admiration for those hard working practicing musicians from the New-World. The next Eldorado for Power Metal is South America. That’s for sure. This time, specifically, it’s the turn of the beautiful land of Argentina.

Now I have to confess, SYMPHONY X, has been by far, my favorite contemporary band, I consider Michael Romeo as a semi god, his virtuosic guitar prowess are like honey for my Metal ears and his Symphonic orchestral compositions are clearly sublime and musically intriguing, ultra ambitious arrangements with always the little, extra-melodic element that makes the difference. The immensely talented, the colossus Russell Allen is one of the most impressive vocalist, both in studio and in live situation, with a still growing ability to provide a Demonic harsh spit and the next minute, easily able to sing like seven seraph in Heaven. The magnificent ”Divine Wings of Tragedy”, the massive 2007’s ”Paradise Lost” or the furious double disc ”Iconocast” in 2011, are transcending works, those albums that are ranked very high in among my desert island top and written in 24 carats gold letters in my personal Pantheon. In one word I’m an unconditional worshipping fan.

THABU is a very stimulating band from Buenos Aires, and if the talented members are quite young, they are all accomplished musicians, technical experts and their playing is ultra-professional with devotion for the craft and scrupulousness in their art with a communicative, infectious and endless dedication from start to finish. The energetic singer Mr. James Robledo is obviously their strongest asset; he’s indeed truly blessed by a robust singing organ strengthened by an impeccable vocal technic. That gives him the capacity to challenge the mighty Russell Allen at his own game. In fact the similarities are manifest; the versatility and the power are equivalent. Truly remarkable & astonishing.

Their sharp Progressive Power Metal is also very much, in the wake of the Dark Iconoclasts Genius, from New-Jersey. Staccato Thrash rhythmic and talented solo section, shredding fluid licks with clever orchestrations the whole surrounded by some dark minor overtones. But with less Neo-classic gimmicks, no harpsichord  interventions and generally a more discreet Keyboards, the playing is stellar notably in the instrumental track “Remains Of Reality” which is terrific. The track n°1 “A Game Of Lies”, sets the tone immediately, “Leaving My Root” is more in the great tradition created by “The Damnation Game”SYMPHONY X is an highly influential band, and lot of acts nowadays, could claim the filiation like the underrated CARAVELLUS or the quite perfect SUSPYRE but THABU is the nearest clone you could ever find. And coming from my pen, believe me it’s a big compliment.

If like me, you can’t wait to for the new album by ROMEO-ALLEN and the X Symphonic bunch, this is forty five minutes of the perfect palliative. Exultant and strongly recommended but singularly very under promoted by this normally dynamic label. Even if they can’t reach the golden palm of originality, with the last track “Violentango” (a cover originally composed by Astor Piazzolla) they play something I have never heard. As the title suggest a strange mix between Prog & Tang. Indeed the ternaire rhythm with the traditional syncopate root pattern, Argentinian Bandoneon melted with heavy guitars / modern drums for a weird alloy destabilizing result. Maybe Romeo & Co. should also try this.

4 Star Rating

1. A Game of Lies
2. Reborn
3. Fictionating The present
4. Beyond the End
5. Theater Of Faith
6. Remains Of Reality
7. Leaving My Root
8. Hunting Sinners
9. Violentango
Leandro Bulanikian - Drums
Santiago Diaz Garces – Lead Guitar
Marco Ignacio Toba - Bass
James Robledo – Lead Vocals
Ariel Contreras Esquivel – Guest Keyboards
Diego Alvarez – Guest Keyboards
Record Label: Pure Prog Records


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Edited 17 October 2021

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