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Thanatomass - Black Vitriol & Iron Fire

Black Vitriol & Iron Fire
by Craig Rider at 11 June 2021, 11:04 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THANATOMASS; signed via Living Temple Records/LVX MorgenStern, hailing from Russian grounds - performing Black Metal, on their second EP entitled: "Black Vitriol & Iron Fire" (released February 9th, 2021). Since formation in 2018; the trio in question have a Demo entitled: "MMXV-MMXVI" (released December 1st, 2018), and two EPs entitled: "Darkest Conjurations" (released December 5th, 2019) along with the sophomoric EP of which I am introduced to entitled: "Black Vitriol & Iron Fire". 5 tracks ranging at around 32:33; THANATOMASS arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with a demented array in amplified adrenaline; boisterously bouncy gnarliness & contorted hostility, a shroud of static in "Funereal Ejaculation" begins a killer laceration on skyrocking shreds from consisting guitar/vocalist virtuoso A. Thanatos. The front man excels at a blistering foundation in ripping maelstrom solidities, which strike with profusely robust veracity & viciously rampant pursuits on rompy trailblazing vehemence. This satanic ritual revels with riveting rhythms, sturdy thuds and chiseling chugs on ruthless pandemonium…where outbursting raspiness surges with throaty tightness too. Groveling gutturals growl with uproarious barks, while shouting with yelling authority and agonizing screams where pipes of tormenting persistence scours with extreme aggression while merged with the grinding grooves forebodingly.

"Deathmass Extasis" hybridly contrasts with progressively technical momentum while still retaining those monolithic tempos; clobbering belters, and bruising malignancy. Where rapidly swift nimbleness creates a dexterously dynamic distilment on organic substance, outrè panache & monstrously meaty firepower expertise. TLG on the audible bass injects an infectiously piledriving swamp of venomous yet sulphurous thumpiness where rumbling reverberation revolves with savagely sinister bombardments as ominously jarring flickers forges a flamboyant aesthetic in intense havoc. While "Sulphureous Darkness" is a brief interlude of vibrantly potent soundscapes in dark but blasphemous deathliness in eerie but hypnotizing spellbinds on otherworldly, yet spacious & synthesised hymns.

The penultimate track: "Altars Of Nigromancy" utilizes versatile retribution; arming a briming overdose on rambunctiously stompy ramifications from hammering drummer V. Scorn, he slams the set with steely precision - where towering & sonically seamless empowerments in evil heft articulates an immense artillery on relentlessly stampeding rollicking where this visceral swerve on brutally bulldozing snarls maintain this crunchy calamity in blackened chaos. While the overall concluding belter "Phallvs Lvciferi" fabricates a volatile yet distinctly distinguished overture that transitions towards this mercilessly violent profanity of double blast beats that slay with mountainous melody, old school bestial devastation & tribal yet radically wicked tonalities that will possess you to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

Bottom line; a very short EP but it also falls in line with those classic albums like SLAYER's iconic "Reign In Blood" which lasted at around 30 minutes too, this is an EP, however…but a enjoyably headbanging thrasher that most surely deserves discovering. An entertaining conflagration in impactful heat, lofty ferocity & widespread variety in iron abominations of total metal divinity. Do check it out, worthy of spinning & re-playable a few handful of times - especially if atmospheric, Black Metal mass is of utmost attention to engage in on a vigorous assault in attacking deadliness as fundamentally flexible demoncy fuels a triggering vibe that will transform you into a devil of oblivion that pumps out, neck breaking destruction in no time!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Funereal Ejaculation
2. Deathmass Extasis
3. Sulphureous Darkness
4. Altars Of Nigromancy
5. Phallvs Lvciferi
A. Thanatos - Guitars/Vocals
TLG - Bass
V. Scorn - Drums
Record Label: Living Temple Records


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