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Thangorodrim – Liberation In Unbound Chaos VI VI VI

Liberation In Unbound Chaos VI VI VI
by Will Travers at 21 February 2022, 6:09 AM

Roll up, roll up. Come one and come all. Californian Metallers THANGORODRIM have dropped their debut album “Liberation In Unbound Chaos VI VI VI”. The eleven track record rolls over an excess of 80 minutes of hard hitting and intense Metal and I cannot wait to get stuck in. The album’s artwork is interesting, there’s a lot going on but it is beautifully put together. Although, I wonder if the centerpiece is a hat tip to Tolkein?.. (It seems reminisce of the Eye of Sauron).

Opening the album is “Through The Devils Door” and it grabs me straight away, the ethereal vocalisations and floaty riffs just roll straight over and I find myself feeling like I’m transported away. The Psychedelic styles are so relaxing, but that’s not to say that there isn’t some bite to this group. “Praise Be The Sound Of Suffering” seemingly still continues this floaty and light hearted sound, but with sections of increased pace, intensity and guitar breaks; delivering a bit of a punchier sound.

The music continues floating almost listlessly on the wind. Just ambling, not without purpose… But not with intent either and the airy and floaty styles that have been so prominent throughout continue, but without ever really evolving beyond. To start with I personally found this really mesmerising and almost somewhat hypnotic. But by the time I have reached “Cocaine Ov The Multiverse” it has become almost self-indulgent. With the main themes appearing to fit somewhere between some sort of Psych / Stoner / Prog  hybrid I’m sure that it would appeal to a lot of people, but I’m starting to lose focus.

“Santa Muerte” is cut from the same blueprint again, somewhat spooky and mysterious. I can imagine the live setting would be a darkened venue filled with fog, something similar to a show I saw FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM put on late last year, and to be honest with this sort of music it is really effective, so I guess I can see the desired effect. If by the final track “Infinite Dimensions Suspended Within”, you haven’t had your fill of this relaxing and ethereal music, then buckle up for the 13 minute epic ride to see out the record. To be honest, I would just be sounding like a broken record. The musicianship is solid, I don’t really have a problem with it, but for me it was a bit too long and I just started to find myself a little bit bored.

Overall, is this record really for me? Probably not, but it is a demonstration of some good music for its genre(s). Maybe after a long day, or even on a long summer drive it could be really relaxing and fun to stick on the radio. Fans of Prog, Psych and Stoner be sure to come to the front and check out THANGORODRIM and “Liberation In Unbound Chaos VI VI VI”

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Through The Devil’s Door
2. Praise Be The Sound Of Suffering
3. Spell Of Confusion
4. Devour-er Ov Time
5. Cocaine Of The Multiverse
6. Thirst For The Bleeding Womb (B. S. M)
7. Blood Of Anti-Kosmic Night
8. Santa Muerte
9. Father Of Flame
10.  Hanged Are The Bones Of Love And Death
11. Infinite Dimensions Suspended Within
C. G. BloodCrown – Vocals
S. K. B – Guitar/Bass
C. C. – Drums
Record Label: Blood Blast Distribution


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