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Thaw - Self-Titled

by Mary Orren-Spunelli at 06 May 2013, 2:37 PM

THAW is a band that is simply described as “Polish Black Metal Experimentalists.” There really isn’t much more information, other than that to go on. They do have a Facebook page if you want to look them up, but you won’t learn a lot there either. So, I’ll just get on with the music…

“The Gate” opens up this CD and is basically some strange, yet ambient noise, if that makes any sense at all. It would be a good sound track to some creepy yet artsy Horror flick, or maybe even a Horror / Sci-Fi flick. It’s hard to explain, but it does kind of suck you in and envelope you. The following track, “Ancestors”, starts off dark and dismal with some good guitar work. It is sufficiently metal sounding. Then it abruptly bursts forth into some really crazy sounding shit. This is a nightmarish cacophony of chaotic extremes. If you have a vivid and demented imagination, you can certainly run wild with this one! With the entire fast and slows, highs and lows, it’s like a tornado and will leave your head spinning. You won’t know if you’re coming or going.

“Divine Light” is what I consider the scariest piece of all. Imagine an insane asylum for the violent and criminally insane; perhaps for those possessed by demons even. This would be the soundtrack song to such imaginings. Sometimes it will mellow out and make you feel like you are experiencing some psychedelic spaced-out drug trip. Then when you start sinking into that deep dark dimension of oblivion, it bursts forth again to startle you awake and rip your face off. It does give me chills now and then. This track in particular makes me think they should perhaps offer their musical services to Russian horror film maker, Andrey Iskanov. Check out his film “Visions of Suffering” for example. Like Iskanov’s films, the music of THAW is both mind-numbing and surreal and at times quite terrifying really. The visuals in the above mentioned film are similar to the visuals one might get when listening to THAW, especially “Divine Light”.

Now imagine savage demons of the night, perhaps blood-hungry werewolves, slowly stalking their victim and then running in for the attack. That is the impression one could get from “Hunted Prey”.  “On the World’s Grave” reigns as my favorite and is best described as dreary and Doom-filled Metal music with a very chilling underlying vibe. There isn’t much in the way of vocals on this release, but there certainly is an array of soundscapes to intrigue the darker sides of your mind. I think if I ever opened and ran a walk-through haunted house at Halloween time, I would play THAW in the background to ensure tension and terror in my visitors.

All in all, Experimental Noise isn’t really my thing. This did offer some ambience worthy of appreciation, but it still isn’t something I would just sit around and listen to. It would make appropriate theme music for the right occasion or as mentioned, the right film even. They should consider channeling their efforts toward soundtrack scores as they are interesting and innovative to say the least.

3 Star Rating

1. The Gate
2. Ancestors
3. Divine Light
4. Kiara
5. World's Grave
6. Hunted Prey
7. Under the Slag Heap
M. - Bass / Vocal
A. - Guitars
G. - Drums
P. - Moog Noise / Studio Production & Engineering
Record Label: Avantgarde Music


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