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The 3rd Attempt - Egocidal Path

The 3rd Attempt
Egocidal Path
by Lauren Fonto at 25 January 2018, 12:14 PM

Black n roll has proven itself to be a popular genre over the years. It even reached as far as South Africa, with HEATHENS (now WILDERNESSKING) flying the flag for a few years. THE 3rd ATTEMPT continues in the vein of black ‘n roll with their 3rd album, “Egocidal Path”.

“Blood, Dope and Black N Roll” starts things off on a meta note with a song about the subgenre itself. Sometimes meta metal songs don’t work, but I found this track to be great fun. The fast pace and catchy riffs hooked me in, and I found the clear diction in the black metal rasps impressive as well. The pause with a sinister spoken passage sets things up for a big musical burst towards the end of the track, and the chants in the coda add a touch of drama. The marching rhythm of the snares and chanting add to a sense of anticipation on “Reflections about Knives”. The vocals are a miasma of doom, and the riffs are compelling.

Another highlight of the album is “I’ll Do It Now”, which opens with furious blast beats and drawn-out rasps. The operatic backing vocals heighten the tension. The clean vocals radiate passion, and reminded me a bit of METALLICA’s James Hetfield. (I realise that such a comparison may not sit well with some fans given how some view METALLICA, but I’m simply making a comparison which sounded reasonable to my ears.) The mid-tempo section is no less compelling, and induced headbanging on my part. “Black Metal Alchemist” has a distinctive old-school black metal feel, with the slithery vocals and distant chants adding an esoteric vibe. The blast beats are crisp – in fact, I thought that the drumming sounded lively without sounding “fake” throughput the album. The chorus would probably have me singing/shouting along were I to hear this track live.

The music on “Egocidal Path” is straightforward, but not simplistic. The band has done well in the editing department, with no riffs outstaying their welcome. This album was fun to listen to, and I can only imagine how much fun it would be to see this material played live.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Blood, Dope and Black N Roll
2. Into the Light
3. Reflections about Knives
4. Egocide
5. I'll Do It Now
6. The Disciples
7. Black Metal Alchemist
8. The Oath
Ødemark – Vocals
Tybalt – Drums
Blood Pervertor – Guitars
Tchort – Guitars, bass
Record Label: Dark Essence Records


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