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The 450s - The 450s

The 450s
The 450s
by Metal Wim at 31 December 2021, 9:41 PM

Drummer Carl Canedy must be a very busy man around this time. Not only has he participated in the rereleases of his other band THE RODS, but he's also made this debut album with THE 450S. Although he's a very accomplished producer, he's not given in to the urge to produce this one. The band have left that to two other big names, Jack Douglas (AEROSMITH, CHEAP TRICK, PATTI SMITH) and Chris Collier (KORN, PRONG). And it is to be said, they've done a cracking job.

This is utter dirty and heavy rock 'n' roll, with a lot of depth and variety in the music. But the person giving it an extra dimension is singer Rhett. It's not like he's the world's best singer, but he really knows how to put the right emotions into his vocals. The way he sounds is like a mix between Brain Johnson, Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger with a hot poke up his arse. What enhances this feeling are the lyrics he's written. They're quite honest and to the point, but also refreshingly direct. And he delivers them straight from the heart, a feat that is easily detected when you listen to “The 450s” album.

But let's not forget the band itself, as they have a knack to make the proper noises at the right times but use the ability to tone it down when the song requires it. They're giving Rhett the room to express himself, and that interaction and chemistry make THE 450S into one hell of a promising band. I for one can't get enough of songs like “One King”. The reason being the use of the instruments, the depth of the emotion in the music, but foremost the chilling feelings you get when listening to the lyrics and when Rhett let's go during the refrain. Other songs that do the same to me are “Lucy Walk Away”, “Crawl” and “She's My Morphine”. I could easily name a few more, but I think you need to have a listen yourself. THE 450S have delivered a good first album which I gave a fair review in my eyes.

And then there's “When God Won’t Forgive You”, an industrial song to the bone. It is hauntingly bare, devilishly decadent and thoroughly scary, even though it is so unlike the rest of the album. Sounding a lot like a Trent Reznor (NINE INCH NAILS) song, it's a real corker, showing the fact that THE 450S are not going to be tied down to society's wishes, but will only listen to their own possibilities. Very commendable.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Flowers For Columbine
2. Black Tar
3. Lucy Walk Away
4. Lust And Denial
5. Gracie Is It Heavy
6. Drown
7. One King
8. Lost Girl Confused
9. Crawl
10. She’s My Morphine
11. The Suspect
12. When God Won’t Forgive You
Rhett – Vocals
Ryan Sambrook – Keyboards
James Jacobs – Guitar
Robert Jacobs – Bass
Carl Canedy – Drums
Record Label: Louder Than Loud Records


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