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The Absence – Coffinized Award winner

The Absence
by Thomas Kumke at 23 June 2021, 6:23 PM

Melodic Death Metal outfit THE ABSENCE hailing from Tampa, Florida are almost present for 20 years. Formed in 2002, they now deliver their 5th full-length album. Their members are also active at a variety of other bands, most notably Jeramie Kling hitting the drums at EX DEO and VENOM INC as well as Mike Leon playing the bass for the Cavalera family at SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. “Coffinized” was produced by Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg at Smoke and Mirror Production in Las Vegas. The album was released via US label M-Theory Audio which is specialized in Thrash, Death, and Doom Metal. The length of the album is about 54 minutes.

Listening to THE ABSENCE new album is like traveling back in time and space to the golden era of Gothenburg`s melodic Death Metal all-time Greats AT THE GATES and DARK TRANQUILITY. “Coffinized” has all the ingredients to go head to head with the classic albums of the aforementioned bands. The title song sets the stage for the things to come, starting with an epic melodic introductory part before it transitions into a pacey verse part with sharp and melodic guitar riffing, great bass lines, flogging drums, and growling vocals between the medium to higher pitched end of the gutturals. There are some epic moments during the down-tempo break and the lead guitar solo fits perfectly to the overall sound. The highlight of the opening song is arguably the short blast-beat sequence accompanied by a crunching bass near the end of the track. “Coffinized” was officially released as video and the YouTube link is given below.

Coffinized” is full of highlights and “Choirs Of Sickness” is surely one of them due to the perfect symbiosis of galloping melodic guitar riffing, the harmonic chorus sections, and the break leading to another epic lead guitar part. “Radiant Devastation” is another one and it comes with lots of different rhythms during the verse sections ranging from highly paced lead-driven riffing to mid-tempo, catchy head-banging rhythms. The lead guitar solos are very dominant throughout the track and provide once more an epic atmosphere.

THE ABSENCE mix up things very smartly. While tracks like “Coffinized”, “Future Terminal” or “Choirs Of Sickness” follow textures that include pace and harmonic breaks, “Black Providence” is one of those songs that is mid-tempo and head-banging throughout with catchy and groovy, but dark guitar riffing after an instrumental introduction that is blood-freezing. The chorus section as well as the extended lead guitar solo take off the doom and gloom a bit though, but the dark atmosphere is the leading theme throughout the track.

Speaking of highlights, “Treacherous” and “Faith In Uncreation” are my personal ones. “Treacherous” starts slow and doom-laden, it quickly transitions into a fast, galloping rhythm with great lead-driven guitar riffing followed by mid-tempo melodic chorus sections and another excellent lead guitar solo. “Faith In Uncreation” contains simply all elements of an excellent melodeath song: a perfect mixture of fast and aggressive parts, the melodic and epic mid-tempo breaks, and harmonic lead guitar solos. A fitting end to a great hour of melodic Death Metal.

THE ABSENCE come back with a bang! “Coffinized” is an excellent album. With the Gothenburg school of melodic Death Metal at its base, THE ABSENCE add aggression, dynamics, and a comprehensive pool of epic melodies and harmonies to the album. There are no weak songs and also no repetitive elements on the album, all tracks are consistently of very high quality, which is evidence of excellent songwriting. “Coffinized” is very well produced and the album should be part of every melodic Death Metal fan’s collection.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Coffinized
2. Future Terminal
3. Choirs Of Sickness
4. Radiant Devastation
5. Cathedral Dawn
6. Black Providence
7. Discordia
8. Treacherous
9. The Consuming Nocturne
10. Aperture Expanse
11. Faith In Uncreation
Jamie Stewart – Vocals
Taylor Nordberg – Guitars
Jeramie Kling – Drums
Mike Leon – Bass
Record Label: M-Theory Audio


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