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The Advent Equation – Remnants of Oblivion

The Advent Equation
Remnants of Oblivion
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 04 January 2021, 6:39 AM

THE ADVENT EQUATION is a progressive metal band from Mexico and "Remnants Of Oblivion," is their second full length album. I didn't review a lot of pure prog in 2020 so I'm kind of out of the loop on the current state of the genre. However, if this album is any indication, then the prog world is on fire because "Remnants Of Oblivion" is a slick and very well done progressive metal album. The production very values are high—-it sounds clear and vast. Every instrument can be heard with clear cut clarity. Despite how well played and clever the instrumental parts are, nothing sounds muddled, messy, or in the way of each other.  I just love the way this album sounds.

I also love their approach to prog. It isn't stuffy, pretentious or long and drawn out. They get in, rock very hard for this style, and move on to the next song. As you can imagine, the album's flow is just about perfect and the albums forty four minute runtime breezes by, demanding repeated listens. The album begins with the hard rhythm of the opening instrumental "Ignition." This is an apt title for the song bursts outward and is energetic all the way through.  The guitar and keyboard melodies that play off each other in between the chunky riffs are great and give the song much life.

Just as it winds down, " Patterns of Spiraling Reality" begins and introduces the lush vocals of Margil H. Vallejo. His bass and vocal delivery are impressive, even more so considering he does them at the same time—both are very involved. The song is particularly catchy especially the chorus. The riffs twist and turn, growing to fit the needs of the song whole the keys compliment them every step of the way.

The title track is up next and it is another burner with fast yet crunchy riffs building up the rhythm while the keyboards and drums build the urgency. Roberto's drums and Carlos' keys are absolutely essential to this album's sound. Death growls make an appearance here and fit very well with the overall sound—and gives the band an edge that many prog bands lack. While sprinkled throughout the album, I wish they were used more.

The song's intensity is contrasted by the more laid back approach around the 2:57 mark. The keyboard solo is well placed and sets the song to build back up slightly. "Facing The Absolute," shows the band can fit their sound into shorter song structures without sacrificing song writing prowess.  The first part of the song is rather groove laden. It all comes to a brief stop to throw in some popping bass that leads to a spooky keyboard riffs and stop and go riffage. Luis is a beast of a guitarist who knows exactly when turn it up and when to back off slightly and bring in more melodic parts—and he understands just how to work alongside keys too.

The main part of the album belongs to the two parts that make up "The Creations." The first part, "Hypnos," is a trippy track with a spacey and  and haze atmosphere. The music is laid back yet layered and serene but leads straight into the second part, "Thanatos" which is quite a bit more rousing. This song lays on the riffs for several great moments of heavy guitars backed by those wonderful cleans.

All in all, I am rather impressed by this album…and it's only their second one so there is always more time ahead to refine yet further push their sound. I can't wait to hear what they pull off next.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ignition
2. Patterns of Spiraling Reality
3. Remnants of Oblivion
4. An Eternal Moment
5. Facing The Absolute
6. Balance Through Extincion
7. The Creations Part I: Hypnos
8. The Creations Part II: Thanatos
Margil H. Vallejo – Bass, Vocals
Roberto Charles – Drums
Luis Gomez – Guitars
Carlos Licea – Keyboards, Piano
Record Label: Independent


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