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The Alfas – Day After Day

The Alfas
Day After Day
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 July 2015, 7:23 PM

I really can’t understand the passion for a time that passed by and now is lying dead in the past. Some bands do a fine work working as archeologists in this stuff, but this way is not with you "Ol’ Big Daddy" here. Sometimes, it seems boring to see these bands looking back to giants as BEATLES, THE WHO, THE ROLLING STONES and others. No, bands like THE ALFAS are not bad, but their work is somewhat strange.

Here, we can feel the same energy and vein used by some of the preceptors of Metal, like JANIS JOPLIN (hear the vocals of Philip and the impression becomes stronger and stronger), CREAM, and all those bands from those times. But bringing this stuff back nowadays? It’s a bit strange, but as I said above: it’s not bad. The vocals are good, the guitars as well, with a strong rhythmic session. But the impression of “I heard it before” is extremely strong, as well as the sensation of being dealing with something extremely moldy.

The sound quality is not bad, but fits in these lines they follow. And it’s pretty strange as the effect they got is from an organic and analogical recording. But is this possible nowadays? And it’s totally nonsense to see the name of Fred Estby (yes, the former drummer from DISMEMBER) as the producer and mixer of this EP.

These five songs are good, I have to admit it. “Day After Day” has that same tender and energetic feeling we know from the earlier 70s. “I’m Leaving You” is a constant presence on radios, and it’s a very accessible and melodic song, with fine vocals and guitars. “The Last Time” seems more a Rock’n’Roll song, with a very simple work done by bass guitar, but is very good. “Ain’t Talkin’” is a bit energetic, and “The Valley” has that introspective Blues/Soul insight, and both are O.K.

It’s not my favorite style (due my personal convictions), but it has its fans and all, and it’s truly far of being something bad.

3 Star Rating

1. Day After Day
2. I’m Leaving You
3. The Last Time
4. Ain’t Talkin’
5. The Valley
Philip Lagerblad – Vocals & Guitars
Oscar Ulfheden – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Timothy Parker – Bass
Andreas Wennerberg – Drums
Record Label: Wild Kingdom Records


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