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The Amsterdam Red Light District - Gone For A While

The Amsterdam Red Light District
Gone For A While
by Andrew Sifari at 01 March 2015, 9:20 PM

THE AMSTERDAM RED LIGHT DISTRICT (or ‘TARLD’ for short) are a band from Lyon, France, formed in 2005. The group’s new album, “Gone For A While,” is as vivid and energetic as the band’s namesake would imply.

Judging from the cover art, its definitely safe to assume this isn’t really Metal music, because it’s not. TARLD’s style has much more in common with alternative and Hardcore Punk than it does with extreme music, but “Gone For A While” is anything but soft. Songs like “Time Flies” and “Just Have A Good Time” glow with the enthusiasm of youth, grown up enough to rough it in the mean streets their riffs call home, but with the carefree attitude of a life that is yet unburdened, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, while still maintaining its street-cred.  Maxime Comby’s riffs are big and loud, his playing balancing things out with Elio Sxone’s vocals throughout, even while the latter commands a slightly more prominent place in the album’s mix. Through it all, Julien Chanal drives each song forward with no end of stamina.

The fact that the band manages to keep a somewhat raw edge, even in their catchier moments, speaks to their confidence and understanding of their own style. Sxone’s vocals can come across as a bit boy band-ish at times, but his numerous forays into screaming make up for it, for the most part. What’s important is that despite this, the band never sounds like they’re trying to sound catchy or accessible. Their labors bear fruit on energetic rockers like “Set The World On Fire,” “Behind Your Sunglasses,” and the free-spirited title track that bears all of the album’s signature traits in one song.

Gone For A While” is a solid, well-written record that mixes an accessible side with a rougher edge and enthusiasm to spare. Fans of Punk of any kind, from BLACK FLAG to RISE AGAINST, should definitely give it a listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Time Flies
2. Just Have A Good Time
3. Million Miles Away
4. A Chance To Change
5. Final Boarding Call
6. Gone For A While
7. Behind Your Sunglasses
8. These Kids That Your Parents Warned You About
9. Come Closer
10. Set The World On Fire
11. Waiting For So Long (feat. Justin Schlosberg from HELL IS FOR HEROES)
Elio Sxone - Vocals
Maxime Comby - Guitar
Julien Chanel - Drums
Gregory Clert - Bass
Record Label: Red Light Records


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