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The Angina Pectoris - Seven Year Itch

The Angina Pectoris
Seven Year Itch
by VR at 14 April 2017, 3:49 PM

Formed in the city of Stuttgart, Germany, is the peculiarly titled band, “THE ANGINA PECTORIS”, and was conceived from the Synth-Pop band “Feu Ma Mere”. The band released a bunch of singles and LPs before releasing their debut album in 1992 called, “Anno Domini”. In the year 1993 they released a mini album called, “On the Burning funeral Pyre”, and their second full-length album, “Anguish”, was released in the year 1994. “Insomnia” followed soon after in the year 1996 and in the year 2000, they released “Lakshmi”, their fourth studio album. Following this album, the band settled on a line-up after being numerous changes in personnel and the band embarked on a world tour covering Europe and Asia. The band played their last gig of the tour in Germany and immediately announced their hiatus from music in order for them to pursue other interests. The band got together to record and release “Seven Year Itch”, after more than 15 years since they decided to take a break.

Faces of Death” is the introduction to the album and is a short 3-minute track. It starts out with a drumbeat and a cello accompanies balefully wailing out a melancholic melody. Choir like sounds join the fray and the track almost sounds like a background score to a movie. The song ends with a similar sorrow filled melody. “Drained Lake” has an awkward ill-fitting beat set to organ music before a chugging riff sets the tone for the song. This song is a pop song and the gentle vocals carry the song forward. The song sounds amateurish and the use of distorted guitars ruins what is a gentle pop song. “No Traces (Inside the Mirror)” is a short song as well, and it begins with an inharmonious melody. The similar genial lead vocal comes into play and is escorted by electronic sounds. There is also a female spoken word bit that pops up before the chorus. A distorted guitar riff is again paired with amateurish organ bits that take away the somberness of the track. “Waves Until Burn” has the sound of water cascading in the beginning before the main riff gets into action. The now familiar voice blares out a mournful song and the song has soothing lead guitar solo. The album closes out with “Undisclosed”, a song just shy of 2 minutes. A simple guitar melody set to chirping of birds in the background and a soulful lead vocal makes this affable song rather easy in the ear. The strumming continues throughout the song and it ends as abruptly as it began.

The band has been silent for the better part of this millennium with their last album, “Lakshmi”, came out in the year 2000, which was re-issued in the year 2013. The band plan to re-release a few more of their back catalogue in the future, as they still possess a loyal fan following. It is hard to categorize this band as Gothic Metal or Hard Rock, as they play a mixture of Synth based Pop with a distorted guitar riffs and a few lead solos. This is one album strictly for fans of the early German scene but the average Metal fan may not be affected too much. The name of the band actually is the medical term for chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease!

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Faces of Death
2. Seven Year Itch
3. Drained Lake
4. Persevere
5. No Traces (Inside the Mirror)
6. A Disharmonized Soul
7. Waves until Burn
8. Our Home
9. Deepest Wound
10. Undisclosed
Joelen Mingi - Vocals, 12 String Guitars, Programming
Jay Phoenix - Guitars
Jacek Janikowski - Guitars
Jean Davis - 5 String Bass
Jens Robbers - Keyboards, Sequencers
Matt Earn - Acoustic Drums, Triggers, Programming
Record Label: Recordjet


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